New alliance "Everlasting Winter" Recruitment Topic

Hello you all Kings & Queens! I am a new member of the forum and an expert of the game Royal revolt 2.

I recently started my second account with the name of Moral Fracture and I created the “Everlasting Winter” alliance; I am here to find some trustworthy, ambitious and low-ranked players eager to success and to reach the top with the right commitment. Everlasting Winter alliance is still a newborn reality but, as a leader forged by thousand of battles, I will serve my experience to every player who wants to join us. I am very familiar with donation system, base planning, war dynamics & strategies about the game and I am hungry to help some newcomers! As told before, Everlasting Winter seeks even low-ranked players due to our little dimension. Indeed, the alliance is still at level 6 ; gold bonus amount to 7% & tax bonus at 1 % ; we got 5\11 members and we definitely need active players to reach top alliances in the future. Although Everlasting Winter is still open to everybody, I am interested in putting some requirements for the players, some golden rules that have to be respected. 1 ) We’re still a very little alliance, but applicants mustn’t be under 800 trophies, and they must be interested in growing as soon as possible; 2 ) Applicants must be active donors. This as a compulsory requirement, since we’re looking for a system to guarantee boosts and, moreover, it works as a sign of commitment; 3 ) If you’re not interested in growing with us, please just ignore us ; 4 ) At the moment we’re not interested in fixing minimum donations: we’re still a little alliance and we accept even 1k donors. By the way, priority will be given to players with higher donations limits. Every new member, in any case, should be interested in upgrading tower alliance in the next months (no rush, we will NEVER annoy  players) ; 5 ) no need of jumpers!! 6 ) partecipation at war is another compulsory condition. If a player cannot partecipate for personal reasons should just alert me or generals, and will be forgiven. Remember that wars are a way to earn important boosts, and boosts help us to grow faster; 7 ) players must be polite. I will not tolerate any form of disrespect.

8 ) Loyal players and great donors can easily be promoted to general rank; 9 ) Main language in chat is English, so people should be at least capable of speak elementary English. However, chat talking is not compulsory so we accept people from all over the world, even not-English speakers. PS : I can speak italian and spanish too; 10, last and MOST IMPORTANT RULE ) Royal Revolt 2 is just a GAME. The last thing I want is to live this beautiful game with obsessed people. Remember that our real problems are more important than the assault of other castles. We will always respect private lives of our members, we will always meet members’ needs and we want to enjoy this game without addicted people. I hope all my future members will share my vision of the game, this is really important to me. We wait for your joinings. In case you’re not interested in enter, I wish you the best and I hope you will enjoy this fantastic game in a healthy way, without missing the real life :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

I’ll leave little huns,

See you in-game RandomGoose!

up It’s great to have you with us, RandomGoose! We got still three free places (9 members / 12), level 7, 9% gold boost.

Heya, I’m semi new to the game, been playing for about a month, my current alliance is very active and do very well in wars, but none of them speak English, so it’s a bit frustrating for me. I’m seeking a new alliance to call family. I’m a friendly active player, the only request is I hope your alliance doesn’t require pay to play.

Level 45

Donation: 50k

Trophy: 1300

I sent you a friend request in game :slight_smile:

Edit: Apparently I can just press join and I’m in lol. I guess see you in game?

Still got one free place! As CaerulO rightly said, we absolutely DO NOT require pay to play.

I personally consider paying players killers of the game.

Still room for three members, we’ve reached level 13  with 15% gold boost. Your joinings could allow us to grow again and again! Join Everlasting Winter!

still looking for active players.?

and how to join.?im new in this game but im active…you will not regret it…

Up. We reached level 18, with a gold boost of 19% & 9% tax bonus. There are still four open slots, but any interested player can send a request. Alliance is full of committed and active people, in the last five wars we never went under second position. Interested? Just send to a request to “Everlasting Winter” or send me a message, happy gaming :slight_smile:

Up! Roster of thirty members, a little turnover left us with 3 open places, join and be part of our history! ?

Post scriptum : ONLY active members. Still three places left!