New Alliance in clan now open and recruiting - Czech Republic

The CAA clan has opened up a another alliance to add to its growing power network.


Czech Republic alliance is a an old alliance they is being rejuvenated.


It is level 37 with 42 member slots, has 35 fiefdoms.


The CAA has The Annihilators (ranked 25) and the CIA (ranked (72) as their top ranked alliances.


The alliances is looking for fighting kings, who want to grow quickly and wisely but also want to help out their fellow alliance members.  You must donate daily and join our facebook groups/RR2.CAA.

If you donate 100k+ that is ideal, but 50k is good for now. 

We will help you grow as the alliance gets stronger so you can stay with your family.


We can offer great tips from kings who have been ranked #1 in RR2 and know what to upgrade and how to maximise your growth and gain power fast.

We will also help you conquer dungeons and go on special gold raids that you can only do in our clan. 

We will be able to give you high ranked alliance powers, even when you are new and still growing.


Slots are open for a limited time.  So if you want to join the latest alliance that will look after you, grow you and not take advantage of you, the Czech Republic is the alliance for you.






CR alliance is now ‘apply to join’


Started “boosting” with other alliances in CAA clan.  Still a few more spaces for new members. 

Pls check me out and send me an invite.

IGN- shekhar the great

We have sent an invite to you Shekhar.


CR is now filling fast.  Soon we will be at full strength and then taking it forward with higher kings and winning more wars. Like good old days at CR.

Existing members will be given plenty of opportunity to improve and strengthen within.


Apply to join.

Marching up the ranks, from 1,213 to just outside 400 today.


STOPPRESS, we now have a 4th alliance in the clan.  One that ranked in low 200’s to help filler the clan’s ladder.