new alliance members can be attacked yet not defend

Does anyone find this stupid…(in war)

If there is a 24 hr cool down then it should be for both?

I was just wondering this. We just lost a conflict because our new members lost a lot of skulls, but could not fight back.

It is because the matchmaker considers no. of members as a factor to put teams on a map. Now, if you have 30 spots, then go in with 8 and bring 22 more after war to get easy war. Now there is a cooldown. If they could not be attacked, then bring in members mid-season. The cd is perfectly fair.

Kk star,

The cool downs make absolute sense…

That’s not my point if you add a person in a inactive sense or wait period fine…

the account should NOT be active for attack either…

We brought in one and he still cannot attack so 2 declares…


There are no good excuses for this stupidity… if theres a issue block alliance adds during war.

But this is a dogs breakfast…

Yet again poorly thought out crap and 50 bandaids hastily applied.

I know… but thats the way it is.

Exploit fix: The winning team could all rotate leaving the guild to solidify their win if they couldn’t be attacked after rejoining…

The alliance loses the points for members leaving. So only if they get their skulls back after jooning it could be exploited.

On the flip side you can get a high level go in with a bunch of low level members…then boot all of them and become nearly unbeatable. Should a similar cooldown (at least) apply to that as well?

This happens at low levels. So I would suggest a 24 hr cooldown on war declaration. A possible solution. Every system can be abused.


ya that’s absurd cool down time should be for both, to attack or being attacked.

member join usually when they want, which make advice “recruitment in mid season” illogical.

what i have observed so far is that new members fight more dedicatedly then old ones, since maybe they are getting use to if losing and winning.

yes this could be a good advice!!

its because of the cooldown. Someone who join during a War Season cannot attack after I don’t know if that change 36 hours but badly can be attacked by others Alliance. That why player must join before or after the War and never in mid War

Cooldown is there to stop Jumper. If you don’t have heard about them, Jumper is a player who jump alliance to alliance to profite of the boost or the gold boost,etc…the majority of the time jumper don’t attack in War Season and don’t talk on the chat. 

If I remember correctly cooldown in the past was 24 hours around version 1.7.0 until 1.8.5 but after some complain about jumper and how they are hated in this game. Flaregames up this cooldown at 36 hours or something like that perhaps 38 hour i don’t remember around 1.8.5 I guess

if you was there in the past maybe you gonna find cooldown a really good thing in this game its far to be so bad like you think

When you know all about Jumper you gonna find this procedure really smart

Yeah I do understand the abuse reasons but if everyone aware of this issue, flare included. And the solution is not to add people during war then why

Allow adding?  it must be related to German comedy I don’t get that either.

that is a good question I never understand that too why let someone join after the War begin. Maybe put a restriction when the War have started the player cannot join alliance until the War Season finish