New alliance members

My alliance was getting new members almost daily. Often multiple people every day. I had a bunch of people that weren’t donating or were inactive, so I kicked them out. Down to five members now and I haven’t had a new member in weeks. Is there something I need to do? The alliance is Geidi Prime Time and my player name is Lord Baron Harkonnen. I’m pretty highly ranked and my hall has been upgraded several times. I also donate at least 10k gold per day to my alliance, if any of that helps. Thanks. 


U mean your alliance still have 5 Active Members?

Do you consider to move to another alliance? 

At your level, you are expected to donate 75k gold from Alliance Hall of Uranus (lv 55 could do that). With 10k of donation, even you have 40 members in your alliance  (maximum number of members), you still cannot active any blessing. 

If you desire to join an alliance in top rank (with your members also), find my topic and post their name in my topic to receive invitation. But minimum of 50k gold/day is required (lv 43 can do that).

Thanks for the info. I’m working on upping my daily donations. Right now though, I’m more concerned with getting new members in my alliance. How do I go about doing that?