New alliance, new possibilities.

Judging from the previous topics in this forum I have some competition. Anyway, hi! I’m Rhamnusia (awful name, I regret it til this day) and I recently created an alliance named  Geode Guardians. We’ve been fighting for glory during the past days and we’re now… BOOM level two. Besides me there’s another friendly guy in the crew, which means we’ve got three more spots to fill with you, potential heroes. We’re looking to become a helpful and (for now) chilled out alliance with friendly members. Unfriendly members are also welcome until we find friendly ones.  Be a part of this alliance growing from the little baby it is to its future form! Also we have a purple gryffon - now leave whatever awesome squad you’re in and join THE GREAT, THE AWESOME GEODE GUARDIANSAnd if you’re a soul of power you will surely enjoy the extra control it will give you to be one of the first members of this lovely alliance just throwing that out there.