new alliance: {RW}Raging Warhearts

So everyone is welcome here!

We are new sister alliance of Gaurdians of Galaxy & Rising Warriors.

Our other allianceas are ranked high, other 700-800 rank and other around 120 in ranking.

we are going to make it also in rankind gs around 100 very soon!


from now, everyone is welcome!


when we have enough members, we will 1st boost knights 24/7, and in war, barricades and ohter stuff.

more 24/7 boosts will come when we have more alliance gold to spend!


so all active players join us and join your path to glory!!



… and dont worry!! when needed, we will have support from our “big brother” alliances.


and we are called {RW}Raging Warhearts


(little brother of alliance called Rising Warriors)

We are only lvl3 allaince, and we  already have boosted knights! and only one new member!

so here you see our power! join us while you still can!!

Now it nov 8 that 3 day since we make this alliance and we already have 24/7 knight boost and alliance lvl 12 :slight_smile: