New Alliance Seeking ACTIVE WAR AND DONATION members

Hi guys if you want to start a an active and strong noobie alliance please join.  

Alliance name:  WE ARE LEGIONN (Yes 2 N’s)

My name in game is kitty on catnip 

I will manage all members who enter to check their star status and donation levels.  

Using alliance chat to create a team experience is great.  

Must be 3 or 4 stars at least.

Trophy level is whatever at this point we can grow together.

Donation level must be minimum 20k.  This takes less than 150 gems or whatever, it’s easy just do it since you are part of an alliance now.

Must participate in WARS.  

We will try to recruit the stronger and more active players from the losing alliances in the wars and also I’ll keep recruiting from this thread as the alliance grows.  

I plan to get together a core of 8 solid and active players to crush the wars and then will upgrade the requirements from there.  

1000 trophies +, lower are welcome as long as they meet the requirements.


Can i join your team.MY in game name is Darren795 add me as a friend and will make a deal if you need me in your team