New aura rings

Now that we have petrifying ninjas, I think it’s possible to get a petrifying aura as well? Also, a black magic or zombie aura (the one who turn enemies into allies) could be a good option.

I don’t know. Not sure its a good idea. If I take by example Medusa’s Gaze in Olympus Rising. the power of Perseus. too much powerful at 100% Petrify so that scrap the balance of the game a little not much but a little. If you petrify every units. However if you only add a maximum of 20% or 30% maybe possible. You know some person can forge them easily at +40 or +60. If Flare want to add it maybe with low %

Black Magic should be like Petrify Aura with low % and Zombie maybe not good. Zombie is temporary so its ok but if we have a Zombie aura who become permanent I don’t think its good for any base. I am neutral for Aura cannot say if I am agree or not. I like to have many aura but depend if they can destroy or not the balance in the game.


I see. I think the Black magic and petrify aura should not be more than 20%, more than this is too much. Now, ninjas have 5% chance to petrify, let’s see how does it works with them. :slight_smile: