New AW changes.. New spy tactics..

So apparently you can only gain skulls for the alliance you are with at the beginning of wars. Great so now if someone abandons you during a war you are screwed.


Flare you are adding new rules all the time and not telling us.

You take 1 step forward by decreasing seasons length and take 2 steps back with the new rules about skulls.


Now another alliance just has to send someone to your alliance at the beginning of war. After that they can drop and you’re down a skull earner for the entire season. The person can only be replaced with someone who can’t earn skulls most likely.

The 60 hour cooldown should be enough for a 4 day war season. It was plenty for a 5 day war season.


Pretty soon we will need an encyclopedia filled with AW rules… Actually we won’t since Flare will not tell us the rules.

Why are they focusing on making wars harder and adding more ways for people to play unfair.


Flare the game is now a game of spies. My alliance just wants to fight wars and win on our own but you are making it a necessity to join one of these Factions. How can my alliance beat stronger alliances if we can’t fill our empty spaces with new recruits that can fight in our war. I see no point in making it so less people can fight in a given war.


My team has beaten stronger alliances many times and we refuse to use spies, and dirty tactics.

But now there is no challenge to overcome… We just have to make sure every single applicant is not gonna screw us over which is not possible.


Thanks, but no thanks Flare… You suck.

This also throws loyalty out the window if you want to win a war.

Now someone who misses even 1 war becomes a liability and needs to be kicked.

How is this unfair? This only made things even more fair by deleting mercenaries and inactive people from the system. This also puts loyalty to the test! People who leave during war time don’t deserve to be in one. If someone decides to hop around, it’s only time before he gets blacklisted by every alliance with war boosts!

Cant blame FG on this , you either adapt or lose am I right ?


In tougher wars people will do anything to win.

Now every war will be a race to fill your enemies alliance with members that will drop when war starts.

Personally I have no way of knowing if every single applicant intends to screw us over or stay in our alliance.   :confused:


You are completely right.

My complaint is that adapting now means our own strength won’t be enough for the future.

What are you talking about?


Player CAN enter after the war starts, and get skulls.


many players did it today.

At the start of season/war they was in another alliance!



But some players have bad luck - 0 skulls :slightly_frowning_face:

Isn’t it better than constantly changing members during war? Now atleast people take it more seriously who their members are…

Some players entered in my alliance today during a war and they are gaining skulls.

I don’t see a problem…? If someone wins skulls in an alliance and then leaves, the alliances loses the skulls, and that person will not be able to earn skulls anywhere else. This means no mercenaries. If you start a war with an alliance, you have to finish with that same alliance. If you do not attack in any alliance and then join a different one while the war is say, on day 3, you will be able to earn skulls for them because you have not earned skulls anywhere else. The way I see it, this is a good thing…


Either that, or I am not fully understanding the rule.


This does not mean no mercenaries. There was already a 60hr cooldown that had no effect on mercenaries.

And mercenaries aren’t as great as everyone thinks.

You need more than a few good players to win a war. My team steamrolls through mercenary heavy teams.


And I guess I’m not understanding the rule either. I figured Flares message was the real deal since they sent it to one of my members who submitted a ticket.


The way I feel about it is we are giving up mercenaries for spys? Why not neither?

Guess i need to stop complaining since everyone prefers spys over 2 alliances fighting with there own strength.

Let’s not forget that you like to steal strong players from other alliances CHILD. I have seen five of my really good alliance members in your alliance now. So, be fair before you complain about unfairness.

I did not steal anyone. I sent out invites to other alliances like anyone else would.


They say things like “Joekee is a hitler wannabe” and “Joekee is a joke”.

I have also been told you did not review 1 persons base, you don’t ask for war participation, you don’t greet new members, your generals are some of the worst players in your alliance, you can not handle running 1 alliance let alone 2.


I was keeping my distance from the forums but I had to respond to this.

Do not blame me for your failed alliance, I would have helped you out if you weren’t such a passive agressive oddball.



You are one of the most active and imcompetent players on the forums.

You basically stalk every post I make and post in every thread i have made. Just forget me dude I am just another player like anyone else.

There’s no reason you need to follow me like a lost dog I am a nobody so please keep your distance.

If you don’t like me hit my base like everyone else I annoy.

I am a pretty big jerkwad so I am sure there are plenty of people willing to hit my base for you.



EDIT: I forgot to add that there are no strong players in your alliance. Every base in your alliance makes every rookie mistake I know of.