New Battle Path Theme - Google B-Day

Here are the pics, was trying to post it on my cell and do not have the full editor.












The link gives an error =/ Cannot see the picture…


Sorry about that. Was trying to post them with my phone but the full editor must not be compatible with Chrome mobile. The pictures are up there now. Thank you for testing and letting me know!

Ah ok now, i was focusing on the fact that you created a new theme(landscape), sorry now i see that this is the Happy Birthday Landscape. Since lot of time this theme exist only for Android users for exactly the google play anniversary. You can check the wikia page of “Landscape” 

Also your knights become “android robot” both “test your defence” and during the raids if you have set happy birthday landscape as theme ! =)

That is super cool. I just got a Galaxy and saw the theme. Cool little extra from or for Google.

That theme makes me hungry…very hungryyy…Must eat haha.

That’s not a new theme :huh:


Steak and egss it is sir :slight_smile: