New Beast/pal Idea


Hi developers ,

i was thinking of the new beast i invented…it is “the monkey”


Description: this funny little creature will turn the enemies troops against himself!

Possible Names: wild monty or untamed monty or pitiless monty

special ability: bladestorm or turn enemies troop against himself!

other:luck (get gems) or speed up units or lightning like lighning tower


names: monty

Special Ability: speed hero and units or lightning

other:xp boost

Dang it, I was hoping you would have his special ability be that he throws poop at his opponents, like a real monkey does. Kills them instantly lol. Just imagine the beast form. Wooeee! That would stink, quite literally lol

On a more serious note, while a would love to see a new monkey pal, we already have a pal that turns enemies against themselves, or something VERY similar to it, with the confusion ability in the Aki fox pal. Still though, I love the idea to have a monkey pal, would be really fun!

New Pal: Ezekiel the Zebra

Description:  This incredibly cute little guy is commonly mistaken for being mild, but his loyalty surpasses cuteness and, when needed by his King, he will unleash vicious hell upon his enemies

Ability:  Stare and Kill - His cute, innocent eyes shock the enemy backwards before little Zeke leaps upon them dealing massive damage and giving your troops a speed bonus.

Damage:  None, he just hops at your side until his eyes are charged (?)

I would like a awesome big Eagle who fly in the sky and can do something awesome like he do a plunging attack like a Earthquake who damage all around. its this kind of pal I waiting for a long time

Yeah, there is this kind of pet in Nonstop Chuck Norris, it would be awesome to have it.

New Pal: Stormy

Description:  This loyal pet is a small rain cloud that fights alongside your king, dealing rain drop damage to troops.

Ability:  Lightning Storm - When Stormy gets angry ever ten seconds, you know it. It deals massive lightning damage to everything, also stunning them for several seconds.

Damage:  Rain Drop Damage

Upgrades would upgrade damage and ability damage. After lvl 5 or so, the stun duration would increase with every upgrade too.

I would like to see a Skull Pal/Beast.  I think ultimately the beast should be on the weaker side to make players to have to choose between a stronger defense  or lowering the skulls the enemy gets from you. 

Same thing when used as a Pal, he would boost your total Skulls, but offer less offensively then other pal options. 

I was thinking a Snake Pal, it would be cool to see a snake slithering behind the hero and them jumping forward to attack troops. 

Perks would be Poisons enemy troops, Greatly increases Heroes resistance to poison, afraid of fire so fire weakness.   Lastly would also increase Skull Bonus

I wish there will be a pal with bladestorm ability. I know donkey attacks obsacles but its different than bladestorm. Blade doesn’t attack to traps and also dokey doesnt attack LT.