New Boosts.Elite FireBolt Tower.Elite Snake Tower

If Flare was thinking of Boosting another tower, then I think FireBolt would be the best option.

I have made this suggestion a long time ago but it seems like now it is more likely to be heard.




A good way to boost FireBolt towers without making them a copy of another boost would be the “DualBolt Tower”.  When boosted the FireBolt would shoot 2 bolts instead of 1. Each bolt would have the damage of 75% of the normal Firebolt. But each boost needs something that can increase with each level but wont be OP when max. So instead of increasing the strength each level could increase the amount of time the fire damage lasts.



It would be hard to integrate a new boost into the game, but maybe Flare can put this idea in there pocket for later.

What do you think about the mechanics and whether or not we need more boosts? Personally I think this should replace the useless Arrow tower boost.

Steel Snake Tower: 


The Steel Snake Tower is my idea for a boosted Snake Tower. When boosted the Snake tower would visually look like steel somehow and have an extra health bar similar to the shield spell. The difference with the extra health bar would be it regenerates whenever troops are in range of the poison effect. Another difference would be the regular health goes down before the extra health bar.


As the level of the boost increases, the speed at which the extra health bar regenerates increases.


What do think? I came up with this after the first one so I added it to the next post.

As a medium/low lvl player, I can assure you that the boosted arrow tower is not useless.  :slight_smile:

I was thinking of steel mario from the N64 mario game when I posted that. I just remember him looking pretty awesome.

@pyro you a slightly wrong.


level 13 poison arrow tower does have more HP than a level 9 skull, however since it is 100% weak to blunt instead of the skull’s 50% a sonic blast is more effective against the arrow tower


the toughest tower in the game is the level 13 range bomber, cant even be destroyed by a level 8 sonic blast

Concerning the steel snake tower: 

Not sure how steel fits the idea of regeneration on own attacking (which is then more of a life leech btw). 


IMHO, a name like vampire snake tower or undead snake tower or maybe magic serpent tower might fit better. 


What exactly do you mean with that? Like the regular health gets drained with higher priority than the extra health bar? Then why even have it? (If regular health gets reduced first, the tower could be killed despite having the extra health still intact).

Or do you mean it will be kind of a “healing reserve” that stays as long as the regular health bar is full, but when the regular health is reduced will then be used to heal up regular health? 



Besides, the idea might actually have some potential, when coming together with a slightly increased range. 





About the dual bolt tower… not sure. 




Most important, I actually don’t want more boosts at this time, rather a better balancing of tower types without further boosts. 

Also, despite snake being rarely used at the very top, snake and also firebolt towers are already strong. If any, then rather frost and gargoyle towers would need a boost, snake rather needs a small non-boost-based stat change. 

Methinks I am slightly out-of-date :stuck_out_tongue:


The Snake tower would not die until both health bars are gone.

I think it would be a bit overpowered if the regenerating health bar went first but I guess it could be interchangeable.


And I named it before making the actual idea. Steel Snake Tower just sounded cool in my head.