New Boosts

Spells should have boosts, as units do.


Faster Cooldowns, Wider Ranges, Longer Durations, those are just the obvious boosts to start with that could be applied to any of the spells really

But for more interesting game play it would be cool to see something like, anytime Firestorm is used, the “fire” don’t just radiate the Hero, but Pyromancers too or something. 

Along with the Doom Gate & a unit boost, a spell boost would be cool to earn in wars instead of two units. 

Just a surface scratch of an idea…

I really liked this idea because I was thinking something like this and I think that it  should  be taken into consideration by developers.

blizzard could literally freeze enemy units into ice blocks, toxic cloud could give your units timed poison damage, pal flute could steal Beast Pals… again, I feel I’m just scratching the surface

Spells are only used offense and they are very powerful. Boosted spells will be too much powerful for any defense. Spell boost can cause an imbalance in the defense and offense.

Really the worst Idea. Can be good maybe when you are at level 100+ and face strong defense but this will destroy the entire rest of players who are below level 60. Already without boost and forge we can destroy all base without troops just with Hammerstrike. Because the pal have destroy the balance in 3.0.0. Some can find that annoying already to see me destroying their base with close nothing no troops, no spells just alone with pal. If you give us boost for spell. I am sure tommorrow 80% of the low player will all quit and leave. Flare will kill RR2 for good

The offense is already too much powerful with the pal. On my ipad with irmguard I destroy base normally i cannot on my main. So a big huge NO

the balance is already destroy no need to be destroyed even more