New Boosts

I would like to share some new powerful boosts with you. It can be either elite, war, conquest, pro boost. Your choice.

Trishooter:-    Boost of firebolt tower. As the name suggests it aims 3 targets at a time. Boosts damage and attack rate by 25%

Frozen lane:-    Boost of frost tower. The lane in which you add this tower is protected by effect slowdown. When the king and enemy troops enter in this lane they’re affected by slowdown.

Blue fire:-    Boost of pyromancer. Deals additional ice damage along with fire damage. Causes both slowdown and firerun. Increases damage by 25%.

Nightmare:-   Boost of warewolf. Gives battle cry to friendly and Incinerate to enemies when it howls. Increases battlecry and incinerate by 150%.

Laser blaster:-   Boost of Archer. Shoots laser instead of arrows that deal additional electric damage. Damage +50%, Attack rate +50%.

Invisi witch:-   Boost of Necromancers. Necromancers and skeletons are invisible to all melee damage. Health +50%

Battle cannon:-   Boost of cannon. Cannons aims all troops.

Virtual spikes:-   Boost of spikes. Creates a hologram of spike on all the four direction 3 path long each. These virtual spikes cannot be destroyed directly. You have to destroy the real spikes in order for you to destroy the virtual ones. Virtual spikes deal -90% less damage. Real spikes deals damage without no change.

Invisi barricade:-   Boost of barricade. Melee damage does not cause any damage even from the king. Spells and ranged damages work.

Swift bombs:-   Boosts of skull tower. Increases attack rate by 150% and range by 30%

Arrow waves :-   Boost of arrow tower. Arrow waves summon a arrow rain that cause damage and knockback at regular intervals in the range. Damage 20%. Knockback 2 tiles.



Some good ideas here, but some of thing I think would be a little OP, like the Invisi Barricade, Invisi Necromancer, and the Trishooter boosts. I do want to point out that you’re second suggestion, which was the Frozen Lane, isn’t really a boost and here’s why. Right now, without all these boosts you’ve suggested here, whenever you enter the path of the Frost Tower, you and your troops get effected by the slowdown

I do have to say that I love the Blue Fire boost suggestion for the Pyromancer! That would be pretty cool to have both Ice damage AND Fire damage at the same time

These are really, really OP but yeah, some are good ideas. Just need to tone it down a bit with the effect magnitudes

you’re sick

Let me ask you, how is the gold in your Alliance Treasure? Introducing more boosts is also introducing more expenses.

Boosts are like a nightmare for a lot of Alliances cause they don’t have enough gold to have those boosts or to keep them activated.

You want to increase even more the difference in strength between the alliances that are spending $$$ and ones that are not?

I like the ideas and also the possibility to choose from a wide varitey from boosts. Nowadays everybody has turned on the same …


I think you misunderstood this idea. If you place a frost tower like this in your defense, then the group of path in which the tower is present (the blue circle) is protected by slowdown. Not the single path in front of the tower.

If you place the tower in a corner this boost won’t work. 

Ahh, I see now. That’d be slippery :stuck_out_tongue:  

There needs to be events or rewards that include alliance gold.

They offer the highly priced donations subscriptions, of course even if my alliance was crazy enough to buy that, half the team cannot since windows users are not allowed to purchase subscriptions[I would ask for a mental evaluation. If someone actually paid the asking price for it anyway].

I believe some rewards should be alliance gold! So that the ever struggling, not top 50 teams, might ever see an upgrade again with all the new alliance expenses?


Great idea! It will be more enjoyable if these things get implemented.