New Bug ? (15 catatteri) RING

(@CaptainMorgan edit: Removed screenshot at request of original player.)

@Captain Morgan

there are many rings, like this around - someone has found the method (forging and re-forging the same) of having these values. can you explain to me why it happens?

kiss kiss Artemus

if it’s a bug, I hope they’re reduced and not left in circulation, like last time.

Thats a nice ring :slight_smile:

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and this?

that’s why, general panic about the reflex damage !!! - beware of frost bite, too.

I ask for control and adjustment - elimination of the bagged rings in total


It’s intended to be this way. Stop calling smth “bug” just because you don’t know how forging works.


if it’s not a bug, the developer will say it

They have officially made statements about it, multiple times. It had just gone under your nose.

Go to the section “official announcement” and have a look. It’s there not long ago.


I didn’t understand what problems you have? why are you aggressive?

I have problems with ppl who systematically complain without caring to read the official announcements properly.


i’m sorry for your discomfort, but it’s not my problem. Have a nice day

It is your problem when it’s a useless post opened for no reason whatsoever


Marinien, respect bro :+1:

Need to close this post


That was back in August, but they told us about it several times, right from the original announcement about the new forge. It’s not a bug.


they have excessive values, there is something wrong!

Did you read the link I posted?

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yes Dumpster. I read !!!

So go forge some stuff of your own!

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How constructive, when people don’t even understand what the devs say! :wink:

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