New building/tower

Seems possible. There can be another building there in future 😲

Something special things behind the castle, too ugly see large land unused…  :grinning:

The guild wars building?

I can’t view the image, but are you suggesting a new building should be added, or asking about something you have seen?

There is a spot in the castle to the left of the league tower where another building could easily be placed.

I honestly think there are enough building in the royal palace because I always press on the wrong building that I want to go to

I think it would be cool to have a second merchandiser (like granny)

maybe instead sells consumables that your king can use to empower himself or his troops

how cool would health potions be? (of course would need to be very pricey)

theres something called scrolls kenster :grinning:

ya but id rather spend 3mill gold on a health pot vs 7-10 gems on blessing :stuck_out_tongue:


plus imagine a consumable that could change your king’s or troops damage type for a period of time  :open_mouth:

theres something called elite boosts kenster  :grinning:

you just got denied kenster :lol:

ofc. I always have a comeback :grinning:

 elite boosts have no effect on your king… nor does it change damage it simply adds extra of a different type



I would be much more interested in making my kings attack damage converted from normal to blunt or fire tho (his whole sum of attack, nothing added)


or maybe like a rage consumable that just makes him attack faster for a day


things along these lines.

The werewolf’s scream affects units touching him; does it affect your king if he is touching the werewolf when it screams?


And, IMHO converting your kings normal attack to blunt or fire (personally I would say ice is more important than fire, as blockades and skull towers are weak to ice, besides ice slowing things down) is too powerful.

I cant see this being OP if there is sufficient build up to unlocking this power

But then the game would become p2w, more so than it is now

all the more reason for flare to like the idea :open_mouth:

so ya… that spot should definitely be used for an alliance league statue :stuck_out_tongue:


MisterE was able to convince me :slight_smile: