new but active players potentially seeking new alliance

there are definitely two of us. maybe up to 5. anyone interested?

the situation is that we are mainly new to the game. i think we all joined this alliance fairly randomly. turns out its fairlyinactive and not very good so far. we are trying but not competing well in the wars. we would like a new alliance for two reasons.

  1. to learn how to play well. getting tips from experienced players will help.

  2. to be in an alliance that is a bit more competitive.

anyone interested?

tell us how many spaces you have free, alliance name, number of players, plyers levels and how long you been playing. and anything else you want to!



Were still growing but, our alliance name is “Age of the Gods”.  we have 17 slots but will have 18 by time the day ends we have ‘2 open spots’ as of right now but will have more room as the day progresses, its hard to find who is inactive and active right now since the war season just started. 13 of our members have more than 1,600 trophies as the other 3 have less than 1,300. I have probably been playing for about 4months now :wink:

Our alliance leans toward the more competitive side , but had a little bit of problems with the first two wars so we were set back a little bit, but we should recover this war :stuck_out_tongue:


Come check us out, let me know how many of you want to stop by I could open up some space :slight_smile:





what are your in game names?

Welcome Andy


I can help you with some basic tips and looks like there are a few alliance ready to help you guys out already.


Let me know your current king levels and trophy counts. 



General tips. Work on always upgrading things and using all your workers. You can upgrade a spell/troop/wave/construction plan without using a worker. So meaning you have 6 things to upgrade even with just having 2 workers.


I always preferred offensive as it is more fun to raid and beat people than have a super strong defense. You never will be able to protect all your gold and just get use to some of it being stolen each day when you log in. Even if you have the best defense in the world you will still have some gold stolen from you. This is why becoming a better attacker is critical to always having money.


Easy way to upgrade your defense is to level up barricades and do not even level up blockades at all. They are super cheap and fast build times and once you get higher in the game you will see a lot of alliances using elite boosts for them pushing them into the best defensive thing to have!


You will only get special offer packages when you have low gems, you can trick the system by not collection your gems from your quests and dunegons and then use those gems to buy the special offer package.  DO NOT collect your quest achievements unless you are buying a special offer package with those gems.


You want to get the spcial pacakge with the extra spell slot ASAP. If not you need to buy the extra spell slot for 600 gems IIRC. The package deal is like 500 gems plus other things.