New Button for Equipping Item

Please add a “equip all slots” button. This way, when you want to equip an item on all slots, you don’t have to go to each one and equip it. 

Your thoughts.

Great idea. Not a major change that needs to be worked on immediately, cause there are more important things to add, but I totally agree. It’s very annoying to have to go to each wardrobe slot when your making the same sword or something equipped on each slot. +1 from me

Another great suggestion that’s been suggested before lol

I don’t remember this being suggested before, but I’m sure it was included in Maerique’s monologue of suggestions lol

It was awhile ago but I do distinctly remember it, maybe I’ll try to find it later

I find it totally useless to be honest. I explain. If you have in A Dungeon Gear with scream stuffs in B you have perk items, C you have XP Gear items and D you have Gold Gear. You found I don’t know a great super Uber who give better Gold perk than the one you have in D. What happen if you click Equip All? That return to the main problem. You must return in A,B an C change your stuffs to your previous one.What is the benefit of this? I don’t see any. Probably developer don’t see any too

I can give a another example to allow you to understand more. If you like me have some items in double just to allow to have a different look on A,B,C,D. You have 2 Tourney Armor with XP Gear one is Black and one is Grey. Later you find a third Tourney Armor and click Equip All.What will happen? a totally mess. This button will be more frustrating than useful. Because you will have anyway no choice to return in A,B,C and D to change your previous stuffs.

So with or without this button its all the same. You have to go in A,B,C,D and change it manually. So same if Flare decide to add it. I don’t see any benefit to use it

I don’t imagine the mess this button will cause for someone with A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H with a subscription. Double the pain


Easy solution for you, don’t use it. Just because it wouldn’t help you doesn’t mean it won’t help anyone else

its not a question about me or else. Just tell me what the benefit of this? Elaborate? The only way I can see to be useful is if someone don’t use A,B,C,D and only use A for custom stuffs. To be honest at 99.99% of players use A,B,C,D for Gold Set,Pro Set,Dungeon Set,War Season Set,etc… So its obvious in advance is useless. Why add something 99.99% of player will not use?

There may be a situation that you have an item that is better than all other items in the category that you have and you will use it instead of everything else regardless of gear (zelos ring or such). Now instead of switching it out slot by slot you could equip your item in all slots simultanously, Warrior.

I find this idea mildly useful but whatever, if it benefits someone and I’m not obligated to use it then it’s fine. :slight_smile:

I don’t see well when this situation can happen. 3 years I play this game and never happen. When you starts the game you get items each raid. You unlock the preset at level 20. At levels 20 you start to create your stuffs. A for Dungeon set with Scream Boost by example. B for XP Gear like I use C can be skulls perk and D can be Gold Gear. When you do Ninja Event you obtain Uber Chest for Uber items but never I will equip for all my slots. If you got a Tourney Armor you will add it in your XP preset and not everywhere. If you got a Gold perk items you will add it in your Gold Perk Preset and not everywhere.

Later when you can get Pro items its the same you will do a preset of Pro items. In my previous account I have got the Chloris Ring with heal aura and I put it on my perk Preset not everywhere. So in which occasion you will add a items everwhere? Never

its ok if Flare want to add it they will add it but I don’t see any benefit of this. Same in Olympus Rising we don’t have this because is totally useless with preset I,II and III. You don’t use the same resistance stuffs or the same stuffs.

Its ok if some player can find it useful (I don’t see how)

Flare will read it and see if they add it or not in a future update I guess

There you go assuming stuff.

Who tells you I don’t want to equip that item on every slot?

I faced several times the problem of only having “1 great item” for one part of the body and yes… I wanted that item on every slot!

God, how I hated every single time I had to equip that item on each and every different slot!!!  :angry:

This is specially good, because people like me who don’t have many inventory slots, have to manage with low inventory items.

PS: I would like this suggestion twice, if I could 

ok interesting…good to know :wink: My way to use preset A,B,C,D seem different of people here I guess. Never I will use the same item.Never. I guess I will never understand why someone should want to equip the same item everywhere. Nevemind I let’s the others argue about this then. Good luck if this is added in the game  :grinning:


I would like to have an Unequip-Button for Troops and Scrolls.

That would be cool to simulate some pro-league builds.

Just like this one, where you play only with monks.

This is extra good, so we can toy with some enemies defense :wink:

Or a randomize button for testing!

You could use Aska more precise, if you select only troops you want to spawn.

Anything Like This Would Help. It is a great Idea anyways. Here are some Examples to consider. I Also added meltdown button.

(Pic 3 is of equipped item in current slot)

Or just long press the equip button. Tap to equip to the selected slot, hold for a second to add to all slots

ooof, I can just see the bugs that will come out if the long press is added lol, you never know when something will crash when you are playing a flaregames game lol

This is true. Though I don’t think any major bugs would come with a long press button. Then again… It is flare.