new challenge ideas

For me raiding is boring now, oke war boosts makes a bit fun but not helps to much.

I think some kind of new challange needed, like i suggested before: story mode, or a new type of challenge:

Idea 1:

Where AI will attack your base with a predefined hero,team spells and you should change your defence to stop it,

It will be possible to view a reply how the Ai attacked. And can modify the base and run challange again. There could be more challanges.


challanges with restrictions like defeat the challange stage only with frosters and blizzard


I like this kind of idea. Or a daily challenge with some rewards. But the main problem would be to have something balanced and interesting for everyone, because there is a huge gap between beginners and top players. Maybe you could put some difficulty levels, and the moe difficulty you choose, the etter the reward would be, but it would require a lot of work to propose something interesting on a frequent (daily ?) basis. About the story mode, the dungeons were more or less designed for that purpose, but in the end many people end up open scrolling because the reward is too interesting.