New changes

Well, I’m happy with the changes, but with the new changes my cele got lvl and did not increase the days for 5 days as you get to every level of the whole, it is a technical mistake?

I noticed this too

As I said somewhere, this is probably due to cbs being recalculated and not awarded the normal way. Write to tech support and they should give you the award

Hi MrCouPer,

I want to ask you something,are you 5 days extra per prestige level you are unlocking?I am only getting one day extra celestial boosts duration. for every prestige Level. 

It goes up the more prestige you have. I should have gotten over a week of celestial boost when my level increased, but I got nothing.

Hi Dumpster,

what you are saying is that at higher level of prestige players will get more prolonged celestial boost as compared to a player who has lower level of Prestige.Like right now I am at level 21.So,I level up prestige level will I get more than One day of celestial boost.

That’s correct, or at least it used to work that way.