New cheap players leaked!! RR2

Awesome -_-

I have not seen this before. What does Flaregames typically do in this situation?

Yeah i noticed on fb, even more shame people that put 15 likes …no words…

the truth is , selling an account isn’t an illegal act even in other game as well, as long as that particular account is clean and legal one.  :slight_smile:

Flare should ban his account or he will sell his account to other guy… This is illegal and it can be defined as a one type of hacking…

Eventually when he wants to transfer his account to the buyer, he has to go through flare , but most likely flare won’t stop him to transfer account as long as he can provide evidence that “tungsix” is his account. 


The truth is, this account originally isn’t from the “owner” of the one posting it. It is from someone else who had retired and gv away freely his account to this current owner. 



I was going to say the same thing about virtual property. Anything in this game belongs to Flaregames and are the sole owners of such properties. Any selling of this property is considered illegal

I see nothing wrong with selling account as long as the account is clean and especially if he spent money building up this account , in many games you have this buying/selling high level account


I do not see anything wrong with it either. But, it is against the ToS from Flaregames:


  • You shall not have more than one Account at any given time, sell or give away your Account, create an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself; You shall not use the Service if you have previously been removed by Flaregames, or previously been banned from playing any Flaregames game;.

No player did not sign any agreements.And almost no one read them :slight_smile: I just now saw this ToS


How can you control hidden selling of cheaters accounts???

It looks like tech support could not control even theft.As I understand it, it was a false appeal to transfer account. They have transferred !!!


So why prohibit sale of clean accounts?

Because it is the property of Flaregames, they own and have rights to all of it. If a person is selling the account, Flaregames does not partake in the profit. I am not saying this is right, but it is how most MMOs set their ToS. The Terms of Service are accepted when you install the game from your App store, Google Play, or Windows store. Therefore, you signed it with the email account you used to setup your device.

Definitely Joekee , tungsix betrayed those flare rules… So he should be banned as fast as flare can…otherwise tungsix will start his own account-selling business… -_-

Wait but what if I wanted to play on both Android _and _PC!??! You cannot sync between OS’s. I could go and name about 15 players right now with 2 accounts, and I, and they, see no problem with it.

Actually, one can give away or ‘sell’ his own account anytime one likes to. It’s HIS/HER property, especially if he spends money on that account. I see nothing wrong with it. Flare owns the game but Flare doesn’t own his account. If suddenly someone doesn’t want to play the game anymore, he can give it away or sell it. Bring back the cash. (Of course not the time spent playing with it.)


But we’ll see what Flare can say and do about this. (Definitely not preventing someone from selling something.)

I feel the same way but legally they do own the account and everything in it. World of Warcraft banned accounts for these actions. Most of the time, these accounts were from gold farmers/sellers.

Actually he is a flare game player but it is his account that he invested money and time into… He has the rights to sell his account and transfer it to whatever device and also change the name at anytime he wants to… Nothing is illegal about that and if flare bans his account that he invested so much money into, he can then file a law suit against them and become very rich, if he isn’t already rich :slight_smile: