New Chests

It’s time to make new items for the chests. It’s the same items time after time, I usually sell every thing in it. I wish I got as many gems as I do Pearl’s. I would like to see more generosity with the gems. 

Why can’t we sell our towers that we don’t use or want? 

It would be nice to go to each other’s  castle and help our team mates with different projects they are trying to do. Like trying to level up a tower. 

New items are always nice. I always thought they could do a randomization process a la the game borderlands, where each weapon was split into 5 or so different parts, and each time a weapon dropped, it was totally randomized with a chance for some rare, speical items that were pre-made. Along with perks, there could be quite a lot of possibilities. Especially if weapons affected more than damage (swing speed for instance) 

I don’t really like the idea of players being able to help with building other players towers: that could easily be abused with alternate accounts. 

The big generosity of gems you can get now is the 1st place in the monthly leaderboard of pro league  :wink:  Besides remains only to enjoy those poor 375 gems in 3 useless days.