New Circus Season Event feedback

Thoughts about new circus event :
Why flares differenced between paid and free players? free players will get cheap rewards which are waste while paid players who buy season pass will get higher great rewards . This is not good way to behave with free players. As everyone know now no pro league so flares ended up giving pro items. Now season is giving some interesting rewards so they all are for paid players and free players just fight hard get the tasks complete and get those waste rewards.


Oh no no… Every game differentiates between paid and free… Flare is no exception… You cant complain about that… It is only fair that paid players get much much better rewards than free players…

I am free player…

Also, I have a reason to believe that free players will get just the rewards as paid players but a little late… As you can see in the season map, the paid reward in lvl 1 is same as the free reward in lvl 30… Given this insight, I believe that paid players do indeed get better rewards at the beginning but the free players will get the same rewards later in the game… And it completely makes sense that the paid users get to enjoy the rewards sooner than free players…

For future, we will see blue dragon… and the event goto end/close/disable (as pro-event).
And we will not get him, again.
:sweat_smile: sorry for my English.

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Yes I fear the same… I dont have nemesis either and I can understand what you mean… I have completely lost interest in ninjas and seasons, but I still play this game with the hope that I get nemesis someday so that I can raid top challenging bases…

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Like the pro league flares should give atleast 1 season pass to all the free players to balance the difference.

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A season pass expires in a month… Every new month, a player has to buy new season pass to get reward…

If flare does plan to give free season pass to free players, it will be yearly or half-yearly… i.e., 1 season pass every year which player has to decide which month he wants to expend it on…

Better wait a month and see if there is any improvement in rewards to free players… Let’s hope something good is in stock for free players…

You just ask on your own question :+1:

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I think once we complete level 30, then we go back to square 1 and then win those rewards, but I might be entirely wrong… would have to wait and watch

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This is a very small update , nothing new to gameplay mechanism, after daily quests we get now again some more quests and that is all , not interesting.


The rewards are not that great but this isn’t the problem. Where is the challenge now that pro league is gone ??
Quest are as always since the beginning easy !

And know you get some new kind of « pro league crown » in form of medals that are way to easy to achieve! I can’t believe they removed the crowns for something like that.

The sole part that is good is the small buff we get with some towers and units… but I don’t think it will change the « meta game ».

Anyways there is a solution : change the name « quest » to « challenge » and make them much harder, with that the difficulty aspect of the game will partially be restored.


I was thinking achievement badge to upgrade like that in CSGO… and was expecting players to be able to select their skill group badges…

For example, if someone is very good at playing with vikings… So after playing 100 battles with viking, he gets a viking-expert badge which he can then showcase…

everyone getting the same limited ‘badges’ is not fun… no no…

I think so too. :slight_smile: i just get 1 medal and clairm level 6. wait… wait… and sleep…:sleeping: i got him-the blue dragon.

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Flares should give one free season pass every 6 months so there can be equal chances to all players else many will lose interest


Rewards are super, you don’t need them for nothing , good luck to the game!


welllll… many already have lost interest…

free players and paid ones should never be equal… The reason why FG provided free ticket to free players in pros was because without that ticket you would not be a part of the pros… T’is not the case with seasons… Without season pass also you can play and earn season rewards… I see no reason why FG should provide free pass…

But it’s just my opinion as a free player and a rather weak player (I have not reached my peak strength, if you think I am not in support of your demands because of my strength ingame)…

I just want flares to provide atleast 1 pass 6months or 1 year so everyone can participate in upper tier.

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For 5 usd you getting

-20% of time for BS
1%+ tax for alliance

Its too cheap, it should be more costly.
Too big prizes

yeah… maybe we should bet our Houses to get that season pass… How do you like it!!! Maybe each player should buy every devs a new TV every month to get a seasonal pass… that would be interesting…

Afterall, it’s the mighty PHOEBE we are talking about…

If you think it’s cheap, well then, I think you should play your part well (forget about others… Dont worry if others play their part or not, but you Cromka, you are different… You should and you will play your part)… Make few more accounts, buy season passes and leave those accounts without playing… That way you are paying FG right amount for your phoebe…

-20% for BS for month its cool
+1% gold for tax for alliance its cool( it was 50 usd sub before)
-20% for towers speed its cool

Just 5 usd

Its VERY good offer

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The worst thing Flare ever did was close the pro shop. That gave the players the choice of how they were going to use what they had fought to earn. Now you just get what your given, and it’s not very good. Everyone in my alliance agrees that Seasons is a big fail so far. Pro had its setbacks but it was a far better system than this.