New Class of Unit: Heroes

I’d love to get more variation in the game by having the defensive units be capable of casting spells against their attackers. 

So I’m proposing a new class of units:


They maybe special.  Like you don’t get them with the rest of your units but you by them from Granny like mercenaries. 

Heroes would have all the power of a king probably about 75% your level.  And would even level up whenever you played with them.

You could play with them in your defensive line up.  Or in your offenses.  But the kicker would be when they died they died.  So you’d want to be careful about using them. 

And you’d probably only play them at key moments such as defending a lot of gold or taking a castle you needed to beat in the alliance wars.


When I read the topic’s name I knew this was another of your ideas… Dude, this is not League of Legends to have “heroes” 

It could be too much powerful fight with another king (most probably in this case a npc). A king alone is able to do a raid most of time scroll free and in time, so what’s the purpose to have another king that fight with you ? ^^He will occupy only wasted MegaByte in your device… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we honestly have enough spells, towers, monsters and whatsoever. The game is already complex enough.


Another unit would only scare away newcomers more fast.  

wait what am I talking about!!! Chuck is too good to be a hero class, He’s god class!!!

Yeah, dude, that’s out of this world. A god class? Stop giving ideas to Maerique :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t need any new units. Let Flaregames focus on getting the balance right of the existing units first. Things still aren’t perfect; no need to add confusion with new units. Don’t we all remember the mess that started when the elite boosts first came out? And archers were overpowered and knights could kill everything and mummies could spawn 10+ knights upon death? Let Flaregames settle the current balance of boosts first. After all, we just added the blacksmith, and it will take a while to balance him properly as well.