New Climate Changes

How do you guys feel about implementing different kinds of climates such as rain, snow , hail , heavy wind etc.


It would be good to have such effects on the game.


It can be good for graphics and or they can make the weather have certain affects to units that are attacking and to better defend the castle.


What do you guys think ?

Love the idea but how about people using low end device ? Even now my Lumia 720 experiencing constant crash and lag

Implement for windows 8.1 PC ! For me no problem!


I have no problem with high end graphics as i am using a Samsung Galaxy s5, But If ever they did implement this idea then hopefully they would have an option in the settings that can adjust the resolution of the graphics to be playable for people with low end devices.

Not sure how I feel about that.  As a PC player, my machine would have no issues.  However, if weather is cosmetic only I don’t think I would like it – the screen is busy enough already that I frequently lose my cursor.  If it had gameplay impact, I think you risk straying too far from the game’s casual roots.  Also if it has gameplay impact and low end devices cannot handle the weather, then what do you do?

Maybe the weather could add some buffs/debuffs for each raid that are not removable and last from first second to the last. Then you’d only need a weather icon displayed on the base preview and would not need to have it displayed during the raid on low-end devices.

But it might actually be the other way round: When a lot of weather effects are displayed during the raid on better devices, e.g. heavy rain, then the owners of better devices would have a visual disadvantage regarding gameplay.

Also the weather would either have influence both on attacker and defender, or some general attack buff would be necessary to keep the difficulty of attacking balanced.


Rain = remove any kind of fire damage over time, reducing effectiveness of pyromancers, firebolt towers, fire storm spell and fire damage equipment of the hero.

Wind = lower the accuracy or range of towers and ranged troops, and makes maneuvering troops and hero more difficult.

Hail = low continuous ice damage to everyone and everything on the battlefield.

Snow = Slow down for all units and towers (except fire damage dealing units and the froster) and some percent less life for all fire units, while froster and frost tower receive a buff.

Drought = Increase effectiveness/duration of fire, reduces hero regeneration and reduces effectiveness of ice damage, but also grants faster movement.

Another thing that may need to be adjusted is what surroundings can choose what weather options. E.g a drought in the winter environment or snow in the volcano one would be rather absurd… rain in the jungle and hail in the winter environment would be quite fitting.

One thing to consider here might be giving each environment its distinct weather, e.g. desert automatically has drought and jungle rain and so on. The android present theme might then have a global - weak! - heal aura for all towers and troops. :wink:

that i’ve been post a new landscape before but no reply… LOL

Please READ FIRST, then reply!

This topic is about adding  unique weather effects to each of the existing landscapes, not about a new landscape.


Moreover, your post - I guess you speak of the one below - was posted under:Royal Revolt Forum→ Off-Topic & Small Talk → Speakers’ Corner

Now, until you mentioned it here and I found it by pressing “find content” in your profile, I weren’t even aware that that topic even existed. Also, I guess choosing a sub-forum of the “offtopic and smalltalk” forum for a real suggestion for the game was the completely wrong choice. Post it in general discussion and many more people will notice that thread!


Also, as already the cementery theme with its low light level is pretty annoying for attackers (especially under bright real life light conditions!), I guess even more confusing theme effects such as heavy rain would be just an unfair advantage, especially if it occurs only on one scene theme. Also, as already mentioned above: Low-end devices would struggle to show those effects, so those would either crash or just not show them, creating more balancing problems and bugs than actual advantages. Thus: If weather effects, have a toggle option to switch them on or off, and make them independent of the actual (de)buffs that an environment grants you.


Moreover, I don’t like the idea that players could just buy a landscape that is far better than all other ones for a lot of gems, allowing them to boost their defense without actually having to improve the defense.

If all landscapes have some unique advantages and disadvantages (also the standard ones), then it is a lot more balanced and fair: Spending gems on landscape unlocks can then give you alternatives (giving you additional options to choose from), but they can’t just give you an instant and permanent upgrade for your defense.

can u make ur sentence short and clear… LOL :wink: