new coming player from China

Hi i’m a Chinese player, really love this game and already buy some pack of gems, I have some questions for this game and hope some could look at it.

  1. connection

connection in China is really poor, I’m using 4G and easily loss connection when forge or use key open the treasure. Home wifi is much better but still has very clear lag…

I understand long distance and network firewall somehow in China, but hope can enhance connections at east Asia.

2 allience system. 

this is worldwide game, I’m ok of can’t find Chinese alliance, but I even couldn’t find English speaking alliance unless I try 100 times enter and quit.

you know blessing is one key function of alliance, now I join an alliance speaking unknow language, looks like Greek. I couldn’t understand everything except “ok”

could you add sorting the language function when I try to join an alliance, so that I can join a group with good blessing and good communication.

solo play, no talk is boring.

3 troops.

Hydra couldn’t be functional when there are 2 more at same place, I believe everyone notice that.

when 2 or more hydra on battlefield only 1 can attack, others is just dancing, they only provide 1 hydra’s performance.

4 auto fight 

sometimes I need more Griffen, sometimes I need more cyclops, but in auto fight I couldn’t choose unless convert to manual fight many times.

so strongly recommend add function of double click to lock a certain troop,  so I can get more certain troops in auto fight and change it anytime.

5 Hero items

as a new player I already feel I still have years to play, that means my item level increasing very soon (I played 2 months, now is level 80)

during this fast speed of level up, my hero items level also increase a lot, however, I couldn’t recognize which item is better,

unless I upgrade green item to golden or even red rank. it’s too hard to compare which item has higher level.

strongly recommend add item level in basic description, so I can easily find some green rank is more worth upgrade than golden or even red rank.

6 Trophy system

I’m now level 80 with 5100 trophy/ranking,

my random opponents range is level 75-98, trophy is 500-6500,

I’m ok with trophy ranging setting but 18+ level  higher than me is really hard to win even I send best hero to fight.(not zeus and hades)

and some 500-1000 trophy player owns really crazy hero to beat me all in front of the gate.

game experience after level 70 is not as smooth as pervious.

7 gem/new item pack.

due to new player always couldn’t find the better way to play so they missed a lot of chance to do the right thing, 

with levels up, the hidden cost of timing to make up goes very high and impact the game experience.

also, this is an several years old game, couldn’t count 100% new player still spend 2-3 year to catch up high level, 

so I suggest for add more purchasing pack with special function. all need money or gems to buy.

a, for low level player, add new item of reduce certain contraction/troops/skill upgrade timing.

b. for low level of alliance halls,  add new item of increase alliance level immediately.

c. regularly provide unlock Skill slot/troop slot pack with titan treasure, like every Monday.

anyway, everyone like discount, please use these discount pack to consume my gems! 


attachment, my defense and my best hero.