New Concept for Champs

Champions are supposed to be skillful players. The current system, however, gives more opportunities for champions to mess up since it adds more battles on top of skull bonus.


I would like to suggest that appointed champions get only 3 battles in war, and they are given a whopping 30% increase in skull perk, but there’s a catch… they CANNOT use scrolls or revive in the war that they have been appointed as champions, AND they have to pick only the top 10 players in the opposing team. This way, the alliance will truly pick the right champions, and the champions actually have to do their research first (be it attacking outside war) to prepare themselves for the battle.


If they succeed in all three battles (well, according to my math that is, which is… admittedly, not so good), they should get way more skulls than the rest of the players. HOWEVER, if they fail just ONE battle, they will definitely score lower. Since no scroll and revive is allowed for champions, it creates another layer of strategy instead of just rich alliances spamming champions with their deep pocket.



p.s. I believe this will, to some extent, resolve the issue of players dropping trophies. Alliances will definitely be asking their good defense players to go to the top 10 of the team to defend against champions.

whats to stop an alliance dumping trophies on an easy base to push them into top 10?

will champs still cost gold? if not how will it be different to now where you say the richer alliances will buy more champs?

flare would also need to hire more support staff during war to deal with the support tickets for champs getting DC / game crash.



haha ok, then how about alliances picking their own “top 10”. Maybe a small emblem will appear beside the player, it will also be a form of acknowledgement or recognition that they have the best defenses in the team. If the alliance doesn’t pick, then the top 10 will by default be in accordance with the trophy count.


Champs should cost way less then, or no gold at all.


As for crashes… Champ or no champ, Flare has to deal with it.