NEW Conquest Boost: Portal Lightning Tower

I think there should be a new conquest boost to mix things up. The portal lightning tower has 25% Damage increase at lvl 1 and adds 10% with each lvl of boost.  When the towee is destroyed, the next wave of defense immediately emerges through a portal right at that spot.

Do you like this idea, let me know.

I like that idea. But you need to add more details. How many troops? And what troops?

I agree, this idea is great. To answer your question, the troops he’s talking about is the defensive waves. The troops would be whatever wave comes next. For example, if all nine waves are out of the gate, and then the king destroys a Lightning Tower, the first wave would appear right at that spot. I think it’s a clever idea, but the damage increase is a little OP, Lightning towers are already deadly at high levels, maybe just a 5% increase originally and then an extra 5 for each boost level

I just wanted to have the basic idea of the boost, not really the specifications. 5% would be probably better.

What would happen if someone had 3 lightning towers in a corner, and all 3 get taken down at once.  Then the next 3 waves would all spawn there?  That does sound pretty epic.  Could be a little too much too. 

Maybe instead of spawning the next wave immediately, it could spawn what the attacker is using, kinda like the Aska Beast.

It sounds terrible to me. 

I wouldn’t say terrible, cause it’s an interesting idea. I think OP is a better word (or words) to use. This boost could be added in the game, but with a few tweaks. Maybe it copies one or two random units from the waves or something

Many base use 3,4 or 5 Lightning Tower in a corner. If the owner of this base have take time to max them and forge them over +70. If he/she have this boost. Probably is base will be a little too much OP. OP is not enough to describe it. MOP : Mega Overpowering

Just think about it 5 waves at same time. Jesus you will die in half of a second

However the idea himself is not bad just need to be modify a little bit. Maybe The lighting when he is destroy cast a Portal and only a random of troops appear. I take the example of Cadmus Reinforcement power. More you upgrade it more morale you can do and summon more reinforcement

So here If by example the Conquest Boost is at level 1. The alliance will be able to cast a morale of 6. So like 6 knight. Same if someone have 5 Lightning its 30 knights. Not a big deal

2 froster by Lightning = 10 Frosters. So not much OP

The boost become better if the alliance reach level 3 or more. With a morale of 10 maybe. same 50 Knights should not be a problemé I guess

That is what i meant when i said the word terrible :unsure: