New Content - Ideas and Suggestions

Hello FG,

You guys have done a decent job overall but you are sitting on such a rich lore and not milking it enough. Honestly the only two reasons I started playing this game were its graphics and Greek content. Graphics have remained consistent, kudos, but Greek content has just stopped coming.

  1. I would like to see new Greek heroes and gods. There are still so, so, so many to chose from : Hera, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite etc. The same goes for available units : centaurs, nymphs, gorgons, phoenixes etc. Its pretty unfair of you guys to give us just 10 heroes to play. In a band of 0 to 200,000 dominance there should have been more heroes and gods and certainly alot more units each having their unique set of abilities. This would add real flavor to the game.

  2. You gave us Zues and Hades way too early. Infact there is a real risk that no matter what hero or god you introduce now, it wont rack up as much interest as it should have.

  3. Why do we not have more islands to unlock after 80,000 dominance mark ? It is a cold long walk after hitting the 80,000 dominance mark before you ultimately hit 200,000 dominance mark to unlock Athena. Hint hint : More heroes and more units are essential. Its basically like trying on a new expansion in game and is a must at this point.

  4. Gate of Thanatos should be reworked. If I have, say, 18 morale points then I should be able to spawn 18 spearmen per wave should I want to. The current setup limits us to 8 maximum units irrespective of our available morale.

  5. Specialized weapons and armors for heroes - I would like to see my favorite Greek heroes using the weapons they used in the myths. For instance Persues was famous for his winged sandals. Heck you can make a long chain of quests to obtain such items to keep it interesting.

  6. New complex spells : such as chain lightning and chain heal etc

I could go on. But the whole purpose of this post is to establish where are we going wrong. I have said it before, I’ll say it again - a game full of good content will attract more revenue people.

Prestige system = value addition

Using gems to increase prestige and prolong its boost = not value addition

Wars = value addition

Forcing everyone to spend insanely high amounts of gems to reach high enough prestige level = not value addition

Introducing gods - Zues and Hades = value addition

Must have prestige active to use them = not value addition

Blessings system = value addition

Not being able to afford those blessings despite having maxed alliance halls and prestige boost = not value addition

Sorry for the long post and borderline rant, but I like this game alot and I would like to see it flourish.

TL;DR : add new content. Mix it up. Keep it interesting, you know ?

Hey Therazane,

Really good post, good ideas out there. :slight_smile:

I am curious about 5.

Would you give these items special abilities, and what kind of? If you already thought of a few things about it, would like to know your thoughts!

Hey Therazane,

Some very cool and interesting ideas; many of these are already things we have on our radar, however it’s important to remember that creating features for a worldwide online game takes time.

We always love seeing the feedback and ideas, and some of what you have said above is very thought provoking. Things like this will come as and when we have time and resources to implement them. 

Thanks  again for the interesting post, we’ll discuss what you’ve said.

 Could be literally anything -

Persues sandals could give him ability to fly over a short distance. His shield could (since it was really shiny) deflect some attacks on passive. 

Hercules could endure massive damage with his cape/shawl made out of Nimean Lion’s hide he slayed during nine labors.

Helen could create Trojan Horses to disguise herself and not be attacked.

Zues could throw thunderbolts if players try to attack the island he is defending.

And Captain, I’ll take your word for it and look forward to the new developments. :slight_smile:

Excellent suggestions.

I also agree that the dominance gap is extremely large for the amount of heroes we have available. By adding more heroes and decreasing the dominance gap you will have people playing more often.  And once again giving the people who play for the pure fun of building without spending tons of dollars on the game a chance to compete. Maybe have invocations cost 200 ambrosia instead of jewels or having more jewels available in the treasure chest.

Also activation of divine blessings turns around and cost actual dollars when you have accumulated enough funds to activate. I understand the purpose of the game is to draw a profit but to make almost every aspect of the game have a monetary draw on it is one of the things that stops me from playing more.