New Divine Blessings

please consider to add divine blessings to Lapetos and Hydra towers in your next update

best regards folks


Iapetos Towers - Rapid Fire.

Hydra Towers - Shoot poison in all directions.


Id much rather have hydras decreasing dmg of the wounded units and llapetos inflicting burning condition DOT (like taurs do atm)

Iapetos rapid fire would induce consecutive fire damage though. Right now there is a delay with Iapetos attack right? So divine blessing for Iapetus would make it so that it constantly attacks for maybe 3 consecutive times before the delay. :wink:

So hydra tower divine blessing would be like the spearman blessing?

Yep, maybe in a form of AOE debuff with split efficiency, but increased potency. 

As for llapetos, even a singular fire ring is already fast enough to slow down the attacker, any increase of that would be too much for the current balance. DOT can be a better option, given that it doesnt oneshot spearmen, but actually makes stuff like Asclepius a fare option (maybe)

Sorry, what is DOT? :wink:

Oh, that would be nice indeed.