New Dungeon - Cursed Forest

Good morning!!!

I wanna sugest a new dungeon on forest out of castle domain. In this forest dungeon, like underground dungeon, will have a lot of “stages”, where players could find gold, equipments, pearls and also new monster units.

Units who I’ve thinked about… is three “classic terror monsters”, more two to complete the dungeon. I wanna wrote about then.

First classic monster: the monster of Frankenstein. Attack type: thunder. Special skill: eletrocute. To forge: health, attack speed and unit speed. War boost: recharged Frankenstein. No much fast but medium health and support attacker units like a “blocker”.

Second classic monster: the “dracula”. Attack type: normal. Special skill: bloodsuck aura. To forge: Attack damage, Drain percentage and aura range. War boost: hungry Vampire. More faster, no much strong and support attacker units near him. Strong against ice and poison, weaker against blunt and fire.

Third classic monster: doctor Hide. Attack type: blunt. Special skill: like a rage attack, it may strike the ground with his palms (small area attack) each 3s to 5s. To forge: health, unit speed and attack speed. War boost: lunatic doctor. Faster like wolves, with considerable health. Weaker to pierce damage.

Fourth monster: the “golem”. Attack type: earth or, if wanna not create a new element type, he may have blunt damage. I’ve thinked him to counter Frankenstein, become stronger against thunder element. Slower unit, but stronger attack. It may be resistant to ice, poison and pierce (or thunder).

Fifth monster (and probally my favourite): Giant Spider. Is not a new idea, but I hope can help to upgrade battles adventures. A giant spider is a faster unit that uses his stronger poison to knockdown enemies. Special skills: ignore obstacles and uses a special poison bomb attack, when die, that deals damage to a small area (something like 2.00 range). Faster unit, like I’ve said. Weaker to normal damange and fire. Probally no much health. Resist to pierce and blunt.

I’ve thinked about new mage, with thunder element. Just to cause damage, because a lot of then will immobilize enemy defensive troops if eletrocute effect is active. Like pyros, they may have range forgable. Health too. But I have not choose about forge damage (like frosters), attack speed (like pyros) or anything more, like unit speed. It may be avaliable on academy, not in dungeon.

About range units… we have a lot of then. We need more melee too.

A new spell may be avaliable. Thunderbolt. Like hammerstrike, is a instant spell that may eletrocute enemies near 2.45 range. At forge, range is much valuable. Countdown, like all other spells and eletrocute time. To begin, 0,4s is a good time, allowing forge until 4.0s or something like it.

I wanna draw my ideas… but I’m not a good drawner hahaha.

Nice ideas…:slight_smile:

I also wondered about that and also maybe smaller things small spiders , could go with boosted mummy instead of knights.

Killer rabbit Monty python style its a medieval thing somewhat?

Theres a whole lot of pestilence things you could add.


Hahaha… The “killer rabbit” is impossible to got without saint-bomb spell.

The problem of spiders are about forging then. Knights maybe upgraded and forged. Spawned spiders (from the mummy) cannot be.

But your idea is cool, too. It might be used on the Giant Spider.

I don’t know for the other player but for me c’mon its a Tower Defense game who you control a King not a Halloween game tower defense or whatever. If Flaregames add shit like this : Giant spider,Frankenstein,Dracula or other stupid unit like this. You are sure a quit the game tomorrow morning and never come back.

What after? some people gonna ask in Olympus Rising to put in there : control Giant squid, Giant Ogre, a super heroes with super huge thunder power. No sense at all can you just be happy we what you have and stop asking shit we don’t want in game

and it gonna be what after? Add giant spider Web in defense to stuck unit, a cannon who shoot gloo to make units stuck, A witch you put in defense and change you in cat for 5 second,etc…I know some people gonna ask to add in offense Power Ranger and control a super Mega Megazord or let me guess no Godzilla and destroy all tower when you walk on it. No I have better idea why not add The easter rabbit who can destroy all tower and unit with is huge carrot. no no I got it why not put Santa Claus you can control and beat everyone same a top 1 because Santa Claus is so strong he destroy all with just one click and have 1 Millions of HP

lol something its funny what we can read…


I liked giant spider nest. Looks like a good new trap to balance defense and offense powers. In your incomparable ignorance may born good ideas.

by the way… I don’t care about negative suggestions who don’t try to construct something better. Look about flare using yeti. Say that to then, too ?

Spiders are a common unit in Tower Defense games…

For example: Horde Defense


I haven’t played a lot of these games, so that’s just right off the top of my head.