New dungeons discussion

Let’s discuss experiences in the new dungeon levels.

I’m level 101 and can raid 6k trophy players and mostly win. And I don’t scroll unless something really special :stuck_out_tongue:

I failed the worst new dungeon with 6m gold at 34% and used 4 scrolls :slightly_frowning_face:

For the 6M gold dungeon use pyro dragon. Got 68% with 20s left, scroll free, but stopped because I can’t use the gold right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip I don’t have dragons.

Br I used oger wolf knight and all melee troops on that dungeon was suicide 4

I got 100% scroll free with normal combo: Wolf, Ogre, Knight + Shield, Sonic Blast, Blizzard


Were they all maxed and boosted?

yes  :sunglasses:

On these seems like you will need to upgrade your spells and troops to do without scrolls or be super good like Flothaboss here is his guide on beating it no scrolls

Flothaboss’ video is useful, but he used the same combo as Darkerion, and not all the players have boosted ogres and werewolves, I wonder if there’s another way to beat without that many boosts… (I could bet there is)

Maybe with maxed spells, but otherwise I dount there will be a way to best them. These dungeons are meant to be very very hsrd, so I cant imagine beating them without boosts.

Wow… Just incredible. I guess we indeed need max spells and max boosted troops to pass that. It’s not going to be easy for sure. If the first new dungeon is already that tough, how hard the other 9 dungeons will be?


They (devs.) might have changed the defending troops stats to make it difficult.

How to rip off ur gems if not super hard?in exchange take the 6m gold,dumbo!!!hahaha

No need for nicknames Meng77. Treat others the way you want to be treated also, with respect. I know it’s hard sometimes, but always keep that in mind.


I don’t care that those levels are extremely hard, I congratulate Flothaboss with this brilliant victory and am happy we have players like him, who share their brilliant raids with others. I will just upgrade my spells and troops to max and give it a shot then. If I lose, I lose, if I win, I win, that’s all in the game. I don’t need to win all times to have fun, losing sometimes is also fun.


It’s a game and the biggest rewards and strongest troops should be extremely hard to get, when everybody is able to get them, where is the fun? So I am actually glad these levels are made extremely hard, since with higher max for spells and troops the previous dungeon levels will be more easy.

I’m sure that we’ll need only to max our spells and troops and these dungeon will become also easy, just patience =)

I just used cannons intend of knights with oger and wolf and got it easily…

Horrified after the first fail attempt lol

Never occurred to me of using that combo! Lol!

There is no real hurry for me though! Players around 4.5k won’t be unlocking the monsters that soon before updating the spells, so better to take it slow, nd keep those few extra gems!

Dungeon looks tough, but always there will be a way to scroll free all base.No worries :slight_smile: