"New dungeons"?

I noticed that every dungeon now has gained as difficulty cause most of units are in elite boosts (only for the new levels, not the old ones i already done).

Am i the only one experiencing problems with it?

This is intended , nothing wrong with it.Flare did make it harder , prepare to scrolls  :lol:

You are not the only one noticing this. I even don’t try an attempt to unlock werewolf level 2 for example, because those boosted werewolfs can’t be defeated easily, even with heavy scrolling by players similar like me. Before the upgrade I was able to reach the castle gate without scrolling, now I have the feeling I even don’t make a chance with scrolling.


In my opinion It would be just a waste of precious gems when I made an attempt a couple of days ago. I realized it was not worth the gems at the moment and just stopped my attempt.


Gold shields are a better investment for me, since the spells I use are not maxed out yet plus after the last update some of my troops also can be improved. That’s where my main focus will be whenever I am going to spend those gems. This way my offence will get stronger and after those spells and troops are much stronger, I will then investigate if it’s worth another attempt. But currently my main focus is improving my defence and for that I don’t need to use gems.


I will make another try as soon as my spells plus troops are improved a lot.  


For me it’s all right this way, then I just accept this and don’t go any further in those dungeons even when I realize it would be nice to unlock stronger monsters that some players at my current trophy range already have in their arsenal and even use them against me. I don’t care about the trophies at all.

everyone experiencing it right now, that’ts why i want to join their alliance just, because the cave of goods are donator :lol: