New Elite Boost for Frosters and Pyromancers

I want a new Elite Boost for Frosters and Pyromancers…

This is not to replace Dragofroster or Dracomancer.  These are great!

But an Elite Boost that could be used as a War Season Special (or be made permanently available)…

Boosted Frosters would be healed by the the Blizzard, and boosted Pyromancers would be healed by Firestorm. 

(Obviously the Frosters would still be obliterated by Firestorm, and Pyromancers by Blizzard.) 

But this would be a great boost for both offense and defense.  On defense, the attacking King would have to be careful about using spells because he would be healing his enemies while trying to attack them.  And on offense, the attacking King could heal his own troops with Blizzard and Firestorm.

Maerique, where do you get all you ideas?  :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea!

Actually, oddly enough, I have a Bachelors degree in computer programming with a focus on video game design.  So gaming is kind of a passion of mine even though, I’m not currently working in gaming.

Yes, I will agree to that - that rocky start kept me almost the whole night awake.  :slight_smile:

When the time is right - I will will join your alliance. 

The next statement may be true or not - (but I feel obligated to make it, as you have revealed so much about yourself)

(I am half way with a new experiment in trying to beat the RR2 game engine. I was able to get past a few fundamental rules of the game a few hours ago and I am enjoying the experience and is unable to join now. The experiment should be completed at the end of the coming war season)

I do think frosters and pyros need another boost, but I’m not sure about these ideas.


And we were almost buddies again!

When were we buddies? 

agree that they need elite boosts unsure what form it should take

The Pain! 


Hmmmm this one I’m not sure about! 

I liked your latest idea about a frost unit but this one, I’m not convinced!

I don’t personally care about dragofrosters or dragomancers, they always take too long to turn into dragons! Defense wise I kill them too quick and attacking, by the time i get to the gate it turns to a dragon, it’s cool but now useless!

I think creating a new elite boost for those 2 particular units would be a waste!

Also, I know high levelled players love their blizzard to take down wolves, so imagine now if blizzard can’t take down a bunch of frosters, you’re now down to 2 spells to use to kill them.

I think it best we leave the frosters and mancers alone, they’re definitely not my most favourite unit and they should be left alone…in the dark…to die miserably… :grinning:

For me I like Froster and I use them in offense and Pyromancer too. Dragomancer and Dragofroster are Elite Boost you win from War. War elite Boost

I would like to have elite boost for them off war. Something you can activate Like Power Archer or Holy paladin

Why not : something like ‘‘Icy Froster’’ when activate add + 10% HP each level

               Level 1 : Alliance level 10 +10% HP

              Level 2 : Alliance level 20 +20% HP

              Level 3 : Alliance level 30 +30% HP and so on…

and the second thing they do is when they die cast Blizzard with a range of 4.00 but with a power of 200. You need like 8 froster = level 8 not very much dangerous but enough to do little damage around

and for Pyromancer : something like ‘’ apocalypse Pyro’’ when they die cast Apocalypse but maybe 75% less strong than the scroll. You need like 10 Pyromancer = 1 Scroll



I’m so bloody sick of these on die things! 

A little damn creativity Flare!

And you too! 

The best you can do is more health and another on die event! 

I’m disappointed in you! 


You want that I am creative? ok let’s me think…my other choice :

‘‘Multi Froster’’ Froster do 3 ice ball and when landing on target make a Blizzard that slow multiple target

not the ideal that miss for me

‘‘Frozen Froster’’ Shoot a Ice ball bigger and each target who get ice ball are frozen in place for 5 seconds

‘‘Ice Froster’’ If you fight in Winter landscape Froster cast Shield on himself and be protect for 1 minutes

‘‘Firaga Pyro’’ Pyromancer shoot bigger fireball when landing in area everyone who touch that fireball are burn by flame during 2 seconds

‘‘Firebird Pyro’’ When the magic is filled with Fire, Pyromancer cast a Firebird who can attack 5 times but can be attacked and destroyed

‘‘Golem Pyro’’ When the magic is filled with Fire. Pyromancer cast a Fire Golem who fight on his side for 30 seconds

Honestly, ice balls don’t seem that different from what he already shoots.  It’s just a projectile of a different shape.  And the Pyromancer already shoot fireballs?

If you look all the elite boost no one change really the way a units shoot or act. Each elite boost just add a little effet :

Storm Canon : divided by 3 the damage to shoot faster

Stunning Ogre : More HP and when he strike that stun your troops

Blazing knight : addition fire damage plus more HP

Ranged bomb tomber : Fire with more range


If we want new elite Boost for Froster and Pyromancer must be a little effect like the others