New Elite Boost Ideas-

So while bored out of my mind in the middle of class most days I’ve tried to think up some ideas for new/better Elite boosts for troops.  Leave your opinions/ideas/adjustments, here are some I’ve come up with for troops:



  • Blizzard Froster - Increased health, increased range, radius, and attack rate against troops
  • Meteor Pyromancer - Same health, increased damage, Pyromancer shoots larger fireballs of flaming rock that does an extra Blunt damage type
  • Sludgebomb Gargoyles - Same health, increased damage, the bomb Gargoyles drop explode with a larger radius and releases a poison field similar to the Mortar so it allows the Gargoyle to be used not only for Defense but increases its capabilities for Offensive use.
    1. Incendiary Mortars OR 2. Sticky Mortars - 1. Increased health and poison bombs now explode with a fiery force that release a wave of scorching heat to attack a larger variety of enemies.  OR  2. Increased health, same damage, poison bombs now leave behind a ooze of still damaging poison that now slows the enemies walking through similar to the Froster’s attack slowing the enemy.


A new idea for Elite boosts to compensate and combat the various Defensive boosts would be Elite Spells:


  • Flaming Swordrain - Increased damage, a literal flaming Swordrain to deal extra lingering fire damage
  • Hailing Blizzard - Increased slowing effect, reduced charge time by 1 seconds, a Blizzard that has hail stones to deal a little blunt/piercing damage to troops and towers
  • Piercing/Electrifying Stun - Increased stun time, a stun that deals “electric” damage or realistically a little piercing damage to damage troops (not a lot of damage otherwise it’d be a replacement for Swordrain)
  • Explosive Hammerstrike - Largely increased damage (to combat usage of Sonic Blast), a normal Hammerstrike that adds a brief or sudden fire damage to troops and towers
  • Piercing/“Spiked” Shield - Increased Shield health, a Shield that deals a little piercing damage to enemies who attack it DIRECTLY; not ranged troops or towers.
  • Pulsating Heal - Increased heal effect that literally pulsates or travels from troop to troop for a few seconds if the Hero is not able to reach troops far back


I’ll add more if I think of them, I have a few more for the rest of the spells and towers but then it gets contradictory or seems the same.

I love the idea of the spiked shield xD I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a horde of units to trigger a Bladestorm, then walked out with all of them having like 1 health left

But I have a few stipulations. Shield is already considered one of the 3 best spells in the game, so we don’t need to make it /too/ much more powerful.

  1. Not a /whole/ lot more damage. Protection + high damage would be too overpowered.

  2. Panic symptoms. In exchange for the lower damage, I’d like for Spiked Shield to cause smaller units to panic. But only smaller units. That way it’s both counterable and hilarious :3

I like the idea of the panic but I feel it would tie into making it overpowered a bit too.  I meant to say the damage would be small to not make it overpowered as well.  It would be hilarious to see the knights scurry in fear or after being poked in the tush.

I don’t like it. I think there are already plenty elite boosts, there is in my opinion no need for more.

It is true that there are many Elite Boosts already, but I think Froster and Pyromancer need it, I loved your ideas for them, I would only add something to the Blizzad Froster, a little bonus against towers, because Frosters are terrible against them. Also I liked the second idea for the Mortar, but is too powerful already, the sticky effect and the dealt damage should be low. Now that I think of it… Gargoyles need something to be more useful on the ofensive side, nobody uses them for attacks.


And now, about your Shield discussion, damage must be low and also it shouldn’t have panic effect.

See Vester I feel the exact same way and honestly believe Flare should rid the game of Elite boosts but they won’t as it would cause an uproar; I created this list because honestly the boosts are too powerful, too difficult to combat without your own, and often times too predictable as it’s obvious a Storm Cannon is much more useful than Power Archers most times.


And Karman, yeah the “Wizards” do need them to make them useful and another viable option for offense.  I was thinking of giving the Blizzard Frosters an effect like Hailing Blizzard where they shatter ‘icicles’ that pierce the enemy and, or, cause gripping blunt damage to buildings.  As for the Sticky Mortars I meant to say the sticky effect wouldn’t really be a “poison field” per say but rather a field that slows down enemies walking through it or maybe it could receive the poison too but to compensate it being so powerful the Mortar could be a prize for winning the War.


As for the Gargoyles, yeah hardly anyone uses them a lot in offense except for the skilled players or newer players.  And the Shield I wasn’t meaning to make it seem like it would kill an Ogre or even a Arblaster in one shot, but rather a simple damage like how our weapons can give a extra secondary damage; it’s a nice bonus damage to our weapons but it doesn’t cause a massive change you know.

Had another idea for Elite Spell:

  • Debilitating/Paralyzing/Crippling Toxic Cloud- Increased damage, added effect is the Toxic Cloud now slows the enemy more and more as the poison resides in the enemy or the regular slowness of the Froster or Blizzard.  Makes it more enticing to use over Blizzard or other spells to take out troops or slow them, etc.

Poison Cloud is incredibly niche though. It’s only really used against Paladins, who don’t necessarily need to be slowed. Plus Blizzard has higher range.

For Toxic Cloud, I would have a literal cloud created behind the player, allowing them to damage enemies while running away from them =P Would be perfect against Arblasters.

It would be nice to have an actual cloud or toxic pool but it would take too much time for Flare to add that visual effect in, maybe more damage and a faster or more sudden “poison damage rate” and cancelling the heal effect of Paladins or Arblasters to make it more viable for use as it is obvious it is a spell more directed towards damaging troops.

The cloud should only turn off the healing ability on them, and I concur with Sentinel, a toxic cloud behind them would be fun xD.

Lol, making people buy elite boosts to deal with elite boosts. People are going to hate Flare so much after this~ xD

Have to spend money to defend yourself right?  Flare won’t take away Elite boosts and other issues so the least they could do is add some decent boosts to counteract others and add Elite Spells.

They took 3 months to add in the game the rank of General, imagine how much time they should spend to add this spells !  :wink:

They may have taken awhile to add General ranks because it may not have been requested as much or needed to be on an actual update and not a server maintentice thing as it changed a “physical” aspect of the game.  They come up and out with Elite Boosts real quick and Alliance Wars fairly quickly and even with their major problems and issues they run somewhat as planned.  I believe it to be very easy for Flare to add the Elite boosts I or anyone suggested as long as Flare were able to see them.

To balance all those new idea for elites, added level 12 Alliance Tower q/ upgrade cost 10k gems. Ouch! >.<

Boosted Spells? I think it’s unnecessary. But I believe every tower, unit, barricade/blockade/trap needs to have a boost. I’ll suggest a boost for blockade though, since I use them instead of barricade. Maybe an “Electric Blockade”. It gives you shock when you touch it (normal attack), decreasing your health and stunning you a bit.


Just saying.

The boosted Spells would be to increase and diversify the usage of spells in Offense compared to the standard Sonic Blast, Bladestorm, and personal choice spell as well as dealing with the various defensive boosts.  As for the Boosted Barricade it would be neat to have something for them but stunning would be odd maybe at the most for the time being is an occasional stun and minimal increase in health as not to overpower the wooden barricade.

Perhaps Blockades with auto-turrets? Tiny bow & arrows that do about the same damage as an Arblaster?

Can’t tell if that’s a serious one because honestly that would be interesting either way. I was trying to think of something like every hit to the Steel Blockade would “shake and break” the lanterns on the side of the blockade releasing a small fire bomb wave (similar to the Doom Gate’s fire with the damage of a lower Pyromancer) in a 4.0 range attacking any troops or cannons ahead of it with maybe minimal increased health.  Any thoughts on that or other boosts?

For the blockade I think it would be enough to have the health increase with a new ability that deals damage, like piercing melee units who attack it or shake a little bit with each blow they make to deal blunt damage to everything near the blockade.