New Emblems (Bunny for Easter!)

We currently have quite limited Emblems for teams and I see a lot of repeats in Alliances.  Can we get more Emblems?  Particularly I’d like to see all the Beast Pals as possible Emblems: Wolf, Fox, Rabbit, Kaiser, Panda, Bat, etc…

that remind me lol a topic in Olympus Rising where some people have show a Alliance Wars where everyone had the same icon. So confusing lol. More emblem should be in the game. More choice = more fun when someone want to create a new alliance

Also, for emblems, you could have weapon logo’s. For instance: A sword, arrow, club, etc!

A Hand Grenade, members of the Knights who say Ni need a Holy Hand Grenade for their Emblem! 

For Royal Revolt 2 of course everything should be available for emblems : weapon,pals,gold icon,equipment icon like glove,boots,also the spells icon,etc… everything we should have like 80 emblem+ easily

I really want the Rabbit/Bunny released for Easter!