New Event, Better Player Profiles, Conquest Improvement,- and Mergers

New Event

King of the Hill

4 Alliances Fight for control for the top of the Hill.  Each Alliance will start on a Path that all meet in the middle and fight Player vrs Player for control of the Hill. 

No Troops, 24 Hour Event and Events can occur Daily.  Alliances can Join Event for Gems or Alliance Gold as often as they like.  Rewards given for How long you Control Hill.

I think this event would create new strategies with our Equipment, promote teamwork to control the hill, test our skills as a player and would simply be A LOT OF FUN. 

You need to use food to enter the battle each time. 

If you are not currently fighting for the Hill and an opposing Alliance has a player on the Hill an Alert will pop up for you to Join.

Better Player Profiles

Better Player Profiles will give players more motivation to improve themselves while also showing their Alliance how much they really contribute.  This will help greatly with recruiting too.

Some Statistics for Player Profile

Total Skulls Earned Lifetime

Total Gold Donated Lifetime

Total Pals Donated Lifetime

Total Tiles Traveled in Conquest Lifetime

Players Preferred Language

Conquest Improvement

Most Alliances in Conquest are more interested in their Conquest Score for Rewards then what place they are in Conquest.  I think if rewards are implemented for the successful Attacking and or Defending of a Tower Alliances will be more aggressive towards each other. 

Rewards should only be given to those participating in each Battle. 

The Type of Reward will depend on Total Score of both Alliances. 

Destroying a tower should give Alliance Stone

Last Idea - Mergers

Formal Alliance Mergers

2nd Alliance Transfer percentage of all Pals Donated to 1st Alliance

2nd Alliance Transfer percentage of Alliance Levels to 1st Alliance

Stronghold Levels will be converted to Alliance Gold

2nd Alliance Transfer All Alliance Gold to 1st Alliance

1st Alliance must have room for All Members of Both Alliances

Only 1 Alliance Merger per year

I think this will Benefit Small Alliances with only a few players.  They will have the ability to take all their hard work on their Alliance and take it with them together to a new stronger Alliance.