New event

I would like to propose an event on the American Indians. I want the Pet buffalo that splits everything like Aska and clothes and weapons from Indian chief. Thank you. Mogral 

I approve of this. :slight_smile:

Thank you


I don’t think flare will give rarest pals away by events. Otherwise buying pal chests would be no longer required for most players. And since aska is very rare, the odds are close to zero to get it that way. Maybe a one time offer (for a lot of cash) gives you the pal.

Having said that, I like the suggestion, but it’s far from realistic that this will ever happen. I also don’t have aska, nidhog and other pals. My advice is to play pro league, save crystals and buy Ceres instead.

Apart from what Dena said, I like the idea of having a bull pet (it would become a minotaur as beast?). It could charge at things so pushback would fit best, more than on some random bear (looking at you, Irmgard). The exact stats and skills are to be determined (farmer perk?) but the design concept is there for the taking.

Love the idea of the pet buffalo

I was talking about an event of those who win the Pet and armor. Aska in an account I found it. 

I do not mind a buffalo, I’m sorry, along with Indian armor. I want the headdress of the American Indians. Pet can be magical and powerful !!!