new event

we have a new ‘disconnecting event’. many thanks flare! we cant do anything, the game closes every 5min…

For me it closed about 2 seconds after it came into kingdom view after recovering from the previous disconnect. After 5 disconnects in under 2 minutes (most of which was game reload time) I gave up.

So closing every 5 minutes is fortunate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here just now… 

same here

Yeah, now it disconnected right after it said “connected”. So much for it being fixed. <_<

Unless it’s a Get The Quickest Disconnect Event.



Good job Flaregems !!!

I lol’ed so hard ahahahahah


the grand final. Nice name. So that was the grand final event? a server breakdown where nobody can’t play. Cool

It was better to distribute over 2 days.

Well, it was really the FINAL. Afterwards the whole Environment was shut down. 

It is still disconnecting. Can’t even do war battles


The event was extended to 3 days due to its popularity

The grand final lasted only 1 day.

The crashing event