New feature: Log or history of gold and pet donations

Title says it all. Right now, tracking pet donations is harder than gold actually. Conquest ends and people move alliances, generals are left without knowing if that player donated or not before moving. Also, we have to manually screenshot the pet donations b4 conquest ends to try and keep track of who donates and who doesn’t. A log for the alliance would suffice.

player A donated 20 pets
player B donated 10 pets

Gold log is less urgent and would become a huge list, so maybe this is better if implemented as a individual history for each player. Issue is, everytime a player donates, it erases previous time without doing so. So if a player has constant periods of 3-4 days not donating, we can’t keep track unless we keep checking donation board in detail everyday (and maybe taking screenshots too).

To sum up, options would be

1 - Add log for pet donation to alliance board (solves 95% of difficulty right now)

2 - Add individual donation log to track pet and gold donation (super deluxe solution, but does not replace suggestion 1 - we wouldn’t want to go individually and check pet donation player by player, if that’s avoidable)