New Feature: The Pal Hut

In the kingdom we should have a pal hut which we can enter. There you can buy the pal chests and look at your pals like you can in the throne room. Cause right now, it really makes no sense for that to be in the Throne Room. Also, in this hut there would be the option to buy amounts of Pal Treats for gems (or pearls to make pearls have more stuff to be used on other than forges!). Also, you can look at EVERY pal there and see what it does, but you are not able to buy them. You can only get them through Pal Chests as it is right now (or by One Time Offers)

As as space saving measure they could even put it outside the walls near a farm. 

P.S. I really like this idea!

Really nice idea. Why Flare don’t have think about this before? its obvious if you create Pals you need a place for pals too.

It could be placed right there, where Granny is at the moment. gg

Well  Pals Palace  is also nice one name.

Yeah, I said Hut, cause Huts are traditionally made out of straw or wood, and the Pal Flute is made out of wood. So it would be sort of the same type of look

Update for the Suggestion: Would it be at all a good idea to be able to, in the Pal Hut, feed another alliance member’s pal?

Good idea. Lack of collective action in RR2. Its a multiplayer game with Alliance but with no Alliance stuffs. Wars Alliance is like solo, Ninja Events is like solo and all the rest. At Least if we can feed and help others alliance members to feed their pals. Can be awesome. Imagine you are stuck with 4 or 5 pals but have 5,000 treats. You can decide to help a another members with his pals

Bump, I feel like this is one of few suggestions that has no opposing thoughts to it. Would be really cool to have in the game

How did I miss this? Love the idea!

@Lisa What you think about this idea? Possible to add it in the game?

It is possible to add nearly everything in games @Warriornator :grinning:

Well, thanks for the reply and for considering this suggestion :slight_smile:  

+! for developer who answer

Aight boys, what totally ridiculous, absolutely nonsensical, royal steaming pile of bullsh can we think up to prove that statement incorrect :wink:

Though to be fair, just adding things is easy. Making them work correctly and make sense for the game (and keeping the game profitable) is the tough part.

Bump: To go along with my Pal Hunter idea