New Feature : Troop Donation

Well I dunno exactly how this feature might work but the teaser looks interesting. Since we don’t need to trains troops so the concept of donating troops might be different from other games. Maybe we can lend our high level troops to our lower friends? But they might cost something I bet.

A extra wave that you can fill with troops from others and you increase the wave morale with GEMS! 

I’m Guessing :stuck_out_tongue:

share the teaser please?


Here you go. 


only guess that we will be able to support each other financially,

as part of alliance, of course :slight_smile:

What about top alliances which have already all troops and all boosts  :huh:

p.s. i’m not part of top 10 alliances, just guessing how this feature could work there.

Interesting =)

I just wonder when ?!

I guess after this war the update will be released. 

My guess is that the update has already been sent to all platform and they are waiting to be approved on all of them before releasing it. Since it will affect war matchmaking, I suppose it will be available between wars. Probably after this round.

Hope so…


If this will be like a pool of units that everyone contributes to… then we really have to be careful who gets into an alliance.

Or maybe we could choose a friend to help out with… something like the voucher system…

Clash Royal,kinda send troops to friends?


Lol. I play Clash Royale too :stuck_out_tongue:

Flare recently announced " we heard the players"

Free players asked - “timer on the war report”- denied

paid players asked-  “a way to help lower ranked players to be strong” - accepted - troop donations. 

So more of gem=cash scam by Flare


2 options;

  1. if Flare is asking troop donations within the alliance for gems (free is good) then the gems should be shared in the alliance. The person who requests the troop gets it for gems and the person who donates the troop receives the gems. Plain and clear.

  2. If Flare is not planning like this then they should start the war season by allocating 300 gems per player for troop donations. These gems cannot be used for any other purposes. After the season ends, the unused gems are taken away. Now instead of gems use black gems to differentiate with other currencies going around.

Of course, this is talking in the future!

is it will avaible on windows mobile?

Yes, it is.


For me depend how that work. If someone have only 15 morales in Wave I don’t see the interest of Troop Donations if he cannot add Ogres,Werewolf or Mummy

but if Troops Donation allow by example a members with name Clown214 (if you have this name its only by luck I write this) is level 20 and only have unit level 3

Can you give them unit max? maybe cheated no if yes? just think you give max troops to lower player and can win a ton of gems in defense

like we said wait and see…

mmm from what i see is another way to extort money/gold/gems from top alliances, i don’t think low alliances have in mind to through away money to donate troops when they can donate those money to level up their alliance eheh, so if i follow this line it’s a feature only for top alliances.