New Feature : Troop Donation

someone can explain how that work? Why a knight level 1?

It’s a thank you gift from Flare. If you don’t like it, just remove it.

Maybe it’s too soon to ask this question but someone know if by example someone request insta knight and I have level 14 max and boost them at +17 the person gonna receive a knight with my boost in it? if someome have max knight but at +25 can change the way a person must donate? 

I am constantly getting donations with lower Units than my own.

This is very annoying and much too complicated. You would have to talk to every member to stop that.

You’re still getting bonus units, even if they are weaker than normal.

Yes, but for serious fighting that will be only a distraction. And I do not want to offend donators who only mean well…


I already discovered it. The level remains as the owner’s and the boost gets as the receptor’s. So, if you give him your level 14 Blazing Knight, he gets a level 14 knight, and it gets boosted only if he has that boost.