New Feature - White Pearls

Wow! I didn’t know flare was introducing golf into RR2!! Can’t wait to see the new golf course!

It’s a preview of the new upgrade.  We’ll soon be using a Magic 8 Ball instead of chests in the Chamber of Fortune, and there will be an extra button to crowd our screen where we can change fighting views.  The new “drone” feature will give you a bird’s-eye view of the course as you fight your way through it, but it needs to recharge every so often (like a real drone) and can be knocked out of the sky by gargoyles on defense (FINALLY they will have something worthwhile to do!).

As for the golf balls, you will need to collect 1000 each time to unlock a new golf course (which is what the builders are doing in the lower left corner), which entitles your king and 3 of his/her closest generals to a day of r&r as the rest of your team fights in the wars, ninjas, etc.  There will be a poolside tiki bar (spoiler) you can also unlock by tapping on the head of your palladin in the  Troop Academy 452 times- but only on Wednesday nights in April.  ( it’s a new bug that will appear- you don’t think there wouldn’t be any bugs, would you?)  Tapping on the head of the gargoyle a million times only p***es it off and it will eat your drone permanently.

Its just mean his gudget is old, cant support the graphics level.

nothing else(

Good ol’ Cromka, sucking the fun out of it with his logical explanation. ?

Im tried to be cute and same again(

8 (read that : Ocho) i7.  They are still working off of Celerons in Russia.  

?? i have imac and airbook

have no idea what it is i7.


this is a 3d model without textures.

which means that your device just did not load them

Cr1 is right

I still like the idea of the poolside tiki bar as an Easter egg ?


Everyone knew that’s what it was, lol, we’re not idiots 

I think he’s talking about the Iphone



you are observant! I tried to use the right word


Ah! nope, no problem :grinning: