New feature

Suggestion: New activity__Summary: Implement fishing spots. _Explanation: Implement a new portal (like the one from catacomb) that sends you near a river/lake. There you can fish (throw naddle wait 5-20 seconds then get the fish out, not too fast, not too slow) naddles can be purchased from a shop. Fishes/shels/crabs (or any other capture) would give food/gold/gems/items etc (ofc not a big amount). You can purchase naddle from the teleporter (it has 2 options: teleport and shop like _blacksmith), you can buy X naddles per day (depending on building lvl). Capture more fishes to unlock new fishing spots. Each fishing spot gives something as primary ( for example fishing spot 1 mainly ofers food).

-1 why fishing? Out if any mini game in an online war app would you choose FISHING?




Hope this is not a player who wants to bring some competition to Maerique…

Maybe it’s his second account…