New features in league tournament

Hello flare game,

This is ign: K.Pirhavheen have few suggestions to improve league tournament. It will be really enjoyable and fun for the players who play regularly.

  1. Chat system must be given in the league tournament between the players in the league.

It will be great feature and will be helpful to communicate with the new players in the league. 

  1. Need indicator in league tournament also to see the player is online or not.

3.ties between player must be on based on their trophy level.

4.rewards given in league tournament must be changed frequently with gems , pearls and Uber’s.

Because playing diamond league or other league just for 375 gems regularly seems to be boring.

These new features will really make the game more excited.

Thanks for viewing my message,



That would be really nice :slight_smile:

Gems are the most valuable stuff for free players. I rather fight for gems than for pearls. It depends on the player. If we can chose for what we play by ourselves, I would go for gems all the time. Before we know it, we get vouchers for it. and that I want to avoid.

I’m actually interested in the uber chests, not pearls or vouchers.
So alternating gems and uber chests would be nice. Idea: 1 uber
chest per day of duration, counting down from 1st place. gems
as usual for the rest.

That would lead to:

  • diamond: 1st: 3 uber chests, 2nd: 2 and 3rd: 1
  • platinum: 1st: 2 uber chests, 2nd: 1
  • gold, silver, bronze: 1st: 1 uber chest
  1. Yes

2.It would be both helpful and annoying, since this can be part of your strategy to win. When other players don’t know if you’re online, you can surprise them by the very end, like the last 2-3 minutes

  1. I don’t really see the point about it. When you play for leagues, you can win them whatever your trophies (except from the 2000-3500 problem). 1000 trophies players can beat me, because I’m 2800 and can only win 31 medals.

  2. I really don’t to get only pearls or Uber chests when I’m looking for gems.Gems are the post difficult stuff to get for free players, whereas you can get pearls by being a bit patient.

However it could be possible to choose what you want, depending on your result :

for example, if you finished first, when you load the game, there could be the 3 rewards listed and you have to choose between them. For the second and the first, the rewars if each type decrease, and for the others, there’s only some gems like know