New features request for improvement

1.While searching for players to raid from random matchmaking,or even from opening player from “search player” if we can also have button for going to next&previous player’s base trophy wise,it would be helpful. Same like we used to have in war attacks.(next/previous player to attack option.)
Also same feature of war in outside war as well. If i am attacking any particular ally bases, and if i am not getting proper rewards from x players as i wanted, then i can go to next higher trophy player from attack screen, I do not hv to open ally and go through steps each time opening single bases one by one to find base which give me proper reward as i want.
If anything like this is not possible then at least need better back button overall.Many times, Searching players trophy wise or in alliance, Sometimes back button don’t get u where u left things or sometimes there is not option of back button at all.
2.Alliance can check donation of players beforehand, alliance can also set up creteria on which player hv to fulfil to apply. Vice versa same have to be for players,after all,game is made of players only. Players should be able to see all the list of active boosts alliance have at the moment before joining. Without this feature, I see many players come join alliances check out active boosts&if that doesn’t satisfy them they quickly left but that doen’t leave good impression for other ally members. Seeing that lot of members joining&leaving. nor left good impression of those players who have to left just after joining cause boosts r not as they like. Other option for this is to check out many bases of alliance to figure out which active boosts ally have but most of the times they r only defence boosts we can see in defence layout attack screen,and
also active boosts only set up there most times,so can’t figure out all list of active&inactive boosts.not to mention it’s a lot of work which doesn’t have to be.
And same for more cutomizable setting for seaching for ally. Like in seach criteria for looking for ally if we can set “ally which hv more fiefdom than certain amount”,“ally which is in certain cq tier”,“ally which hv to hv certain boosts active”. After that custom search player can apply to ally which fit criteria set by him/her.
3.Current way of putting towers around gate doesn’t make much sense.If we don’t have time for destroying towers around gate and can’t do 100%, so settle for over 90% victory then ok…
But most of the times even if we have much time left like above 1 min left and hero trying to finish towers around gate but troops or sometimes spells which was activated to destroy around gate towers but affects&destroy gate, Not to forget pal/beast damage to gate as well, Now based on this we r rewarded with only 2 crown for full battle effort with so much time left?!! seems unfair? And that’s why people taking advantage of this by putting towers around gate. Because even if attacker is so strong that he can finish war on my defence in 1 min 50 sec but still i can force him for over 90-95% victory just by putting towers around gate.And this happens in festivals,ninja,war,cq where limited attacks,so frustrating for players. So either towers should not allowed to set up around gate.And if that was not possible then may be other option would be, There should be some setting / button outside battle or during battle where we can set up either troops or even spells will first destroy up to last tower standing, Only after that it will start damaging gate or not. So spell/troops attacking will be in control of individual player.

(sorry for my english,it’s not my first language.)

Very good ideas, especially point number 3!

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This is to hard to read without capital letters and a proper ending at the end of a sentence…sorry.

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Hi AnkitJoshi,
Thanks for taking the time to write down your ideas. We would love to evaluate them but your text is rather difficult to read. Could you please make it more readable for example by putting capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and a space between each sentence?
Thank you so much! Again, appreciate your time.

Sorry did not have much time and had so much to type.:neutral_face: Also English is not my first language. Edited bit now :+1:,see if it is understandable.

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adding here 4th point cause i checked black magic old topic already closed,I like the idea of Black magic spell,but need to buff it,it sucks as it is.Please check how many high lvl players use it in their attacks to prove my point.May be one main reason it sucks because it copies troops with low health and so converted troops dies too easily.In doing full raid with black magic,i rarely see black magic converted troops at the end castle gate.In forging adding more normal damage perk on black magic doesn’t help either. May be it damage enemy troops with normal damage then covert them with low health !

Hi there,
1 - Thanks for the idea, but there are no such plans for now
2 - interesting idea
3 - Thanks for the idea, but there are no such plans for now
4 - Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for the reply, Point 1 is mainly for searching better opponents to raid only, who worth our time.Many players just want to play the game , do some raids right away. Not searching for player’s base to attack who give satisfactory reward gold,trophy,medal wise in random matchmaking many times. So may be if we can set some criteria like only show player’s bases in random matchmaking which offers more gold,more trophies,more medals than x amount. There we can also go to next random base like current system but it hv to meet criteria set by player. also Not all the time we need everything as well,sometimes i just need bases which offers high medal for tournament. Sometimes when not much active,I just need base which offers more gold for my upgrades. So Something like this if possible. saves time,will help many players and make game more enjoyable right away.
Now there can be issue. Like if players put high amounts in search criteria, bases will be out of their skill lvl, but that’s fine,players will learn & set lower amounts. also if players set too much high amounts in search criteria of gold,trophy,medals which r not possible, just don’t show any base in search results. Thanks.

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