New Festivals !

 There are list of all new festivals that haven’t been introduced in RR2 yet. So what you want the festivals to be introduced. Choose yours  !

It’s Multiple choice, so if you don’t know about any of the given festivals then  ** Go S earch  & Know  about it and then A nswer**.

I’ll take any festival at this point… :unsure:



+1 vote to Jigglefizziks

I took a look at the dates on those festivals and they are all either passed by or are in October or November. While those all sound like they have potential, I would like something sooner. 

Just in case Flare is running out of ideas for festivals, I did a Google search for some potential ideas that are soon:

I could go for The Beer Fest or a Mac & Cheese festival. Heck, you could even combine the 2 ??! Just please give us a festival already ?

There is no need for Festivals anymore since FG sells the sets what you used to fight for in past, really sad, it’s much easier and cheaper to create just some items and sell them for approximately 20 bucks than to install a festival.

Looks like sale, for me.

FG only needs money and that why they have started the sale of each festival set instead of giving the players a new Festival Season… Shame on you Flare…

Flare could fix these problems by having legitimate valuations on the currency in this game. As it is now the values are skewed so bad that placing real monetary value on game currency value is a no sale for % of players who play for free. 

Selling the gear sets vs playing festival is bad idea personally. I was looking forward to upgrading one gear in this festival, so i did not get festival and flare did not get money for gear. Lose Lose situation, NICE!!! 

If Flare really wanted to monetize the % in game returns on players they could open counter offers for those items. Instead of acting like sleazy used car salesmen. HURRY HURRY HURRY this is the final offer at this amazingly low price to never be seen again in your lifetime order now before the 3 minute clock runs out. Then 15 minutes later HURRY HURRY…

Stagnation will not get this game to grow, the blatant disregard for in game players opinions with no response to legitimate suggestions on improvements is crazy. Your business is a service to people, which not sure if you realize that or not. I am assuming that your montra must be to over promise and under deliver instead of the opposite. Without the support of the in game players you have no game. If you do not care then just come out and put that on the forums and say it. Just don’t show it in your non actions in the forums and game dynamics.

And the BS assumption that you all cannot possibly work on the weekend or literally around the clock in this day and age with the current technology at hand is TOTAL and COMPLETE LUNACY on your part. OHHH it so hard to log in on a forum and answer a question or respond to something??? My bad forgot you might be high dollaring it up in a fancy well to do elite community resort and cannot possibly lower your reputation in said settings. “So, Mister Wellington what is it that you do?” Mister Wellington “I good sir am a provider of technology to the masses” (Like saying you are a technician when you pick up garbage on a resume). 

Anyways hope all have a good day.

their company is died and their games so they do the much money they can do before put a lock into the door. Its not like we don’t have tell them what to do to return in top but they have ignore customers and players for too much longer. If you ignore everyone that was happen. So now i guess they change every free to play who left into Pay to win

If this is really the state of affairs in game, it’s a sad, sad thing indeed. Festivals are events that grease the wheels, so to speak. Free players get lots of gold. Paid players get all of that plus their pick of the goods. Win, win as far as I’m concerned. If Flare is so short-sighted as to cut out any event that doesnt grant them immediate cashola, then this game is indeed doomed.

Yes, my friend, this is what Flare has started doing for e.g. you did not get the Easter festival this time but yes they offered the complete range in just 20 dollars…

No more festivals. Why having a festival when you can simply sell the festival gear. Saves time and gives them more money

Well if anyone of you has a good suggestion then please leave a comment.

I’ll put it on the list.

Check out the List again, a New Festival  If want to know about new cool Festival _ Cherry Blossom _, click here  :- 



If they don’t have new festivals then they should repeat old one.

And if they can give new festival then it should be for aska and nidhogg

I chose Day of the Dead, because I think it has the possibility of coming out with some cool new equipment. Perhaps a lot of skull boost equipment!!