New forge!  For ONLY 17,400+ gems, or $50 Million and how long?

I’m impressed with the recent post showing the new forging system examples, but I ran some estimates and I’m shocked with the results. 

So I can have a gk with either a single item with  75% fire resistance, or approx. 24% fire,  23% lightning, and 21% poison all for $50 million in gold,  and two months forging if I use all 4 star items?  the video posted

17400 gems to superforge one item instantly, NOT including the 4 star items used!

$50 million gold to superforge ONE item, not including month(s) it would take to do so and your hero is useless unless you have alternate item in the interim. Plus the forge time for all the 4 star items! 

No thank you… 

FG and @CaptainMorgan   I implore you quickly rethink this strategy. I said I needed time to think about the forging, well, it is the final nail for me. I’ll wait to see how you respond to this thread, if at all, to see if you are able to grasp the opportunity to make a major shift to his this new forging works… and be heros… or not and watch the slow death of the game. 

Does using this new forging make sense to anyone? Is this really something you see yourself logging in daily to forge all your heros?  The only place place using charms that makes sense to me is for the gate keeper… 

I’m thinking you two might agree,enough others… 

@Pouria  @Prometheus

It’s a bad value proposition. 

@Cocokola, you also forget that this item you create will devalue as you lvl up! so a great investment! I think your 50 million is a low estimate though - the only place I might see this being ok and ‘worth it’ is the refining of unique, whereby we get to keep the stats we worked on  If we loop the silver forge process several times that might (I’m needing some accurate/realistic numbers here (like not using 5* titan in this process) improve the perk enough? 

The time is a factor like you say, I’m trying to get everything together in one ascension lvl (perks - waiting for good ones!) forging of unique etc…  so this process is pretty much only for guys over  lvl120 and a lot of resources to dispose of. I’m still undecided I need to see some real ‘numbers’.    

But I bet there’s some real forge champions out there already creating ‘good items’ maybe!

I hate new reinement process and will also share some interesting screenshots of my own and one of a high level player’s refined item to show other players not to waste thier resources ,items and time on creating crap items.

One small correction, even if above lvl: 120’s, I don’t think you can spend that much… We still need to upgrade the defense(experimenting) and spend on other things… This method of forging is applicable only to LVL: 131, who have upgraded everything and has a lot of gold and wisdom at their disposal… I myself at Lvl: 126, still find it very hard to keep it up at this rate for the forge.

Trying to forge an item just to 5* bronze level, needs around 8Million, I suppose. Then, refinement and then silver star refinement to gold are all over the head… Except for players with abundance of gems(Like above said 17400+), or LVL:131 players, the current forging method is a crap for the output it gives and amount of time consumed…


They’re probably on holiday. I bet nobody’s reading this stuff