New forum bit to much colours


Nice to see we can post again…but for the forum itself…dont like the layout and all the colours.
Way to much on the eyes :weary:
Is this going to stay as it is now?


Agreed… I was about to suggest the same thing… Theme and Colour need improvising…


Which colors do you mean exactly?
The orange background or the backgrounds for RR2 or else or all?
What do you not like about the layout? Can you be more specific, please? Some things are the way the forum itself is, some are things we added, so it helps if you could go into more detail.


I like the colors. It’s calm and not so bright. Just like the dark theme on Android.


There is something wrong with colour combination of this forum… Not sure what exactly is it, but it is kind of not catchy or ‘eye-depressing’… Could take some time to adjust or get familiar with this layout, but I would suggest you to take a look at ‘steam community’ discussion forums and try something like that the valve corporation has done…

Maybe, dark theme should be good… Dark Blue/Black background… Little light gray boxes and white text…

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Plus, looking at this theme gives me a queesy feeling… You know the kind of feeling you get when you look at ‘negative’-filtered photos? the same…

But maybe it is new to look at, so it is such… We will get adjusted to it with time…


I would suggest you take a look at these two pictures as examples and if possible, change the colours of this forum to match as such in pictures…


It’s all…the pink ball with the P in it…i changed it😊…but all other balls with different colours pff…that thing when you Madlen reply in the right upper corner…its screams at me…all the different colours of blue.
My eyes are all over the screen…the different types of letters…pfff…to much

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Read bright letters on dark (too dark I think) background feels like …nope-gif-11

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Too dull, bad color scheme, confusing, the old forum was faster and great where we can express our reaction in 5 different ways. Instantly liking something and getting used to something are two different things. This forum needs time to get used to, not out of like but out of necessity.

What I hate is when I like someones post it says 403 forbidden, its like I have to level up not in game but in forums too or there must be some other reason. I couldn’t update my profile picture the same one I used in the old forum.

I just wanted to be part of the forum just post a few things once in a while read posts that I like and like them and not forced to perform tasks (read 100 posts and you get this feature, stay online in forums to get this feature) why does anyone has to be forced to read something which the person isn’t interested. The trust system looks like a MLM scheme.

May be I’m not getting the idea of the forum.

First impression - not good.


If this toolbar was not hidden after selecting a topic

it would be more easy to find stuff. Now I am lost quite often.

Also as a RR2 player (Read, no Olympus Rising) I now often open topics of Olympus Rising, while I have no interest in that. I can see difference by color, but orange and red aren’t distinctive enough


This is pure Horror … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It takes time to get used to it …


The profile pictures are system generated. Once users have updated their pictures this will be adjusted :slight_smile:

You mean the blue and green notification? Green means personal message, blue is a notification for either a reply, like, mention etc.

Hmm the font is the same everywhere, it’s just different size or formatting. Could you send a screenshot, if you see different fonts (except for our FG Logo of course).

Thank you!


Please have a look at my post in this topic, I think you will find it helpful: Move OR to Bottom

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The black on orangey-brownish background is not a good combination. The lighter grey you also use looks much better.

Also on the bottom, due to the last box having no inner-padding, it looks too compressed.

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I must also say that the colours are very dark and create a depressing mood.

The contrasts are very high, you can’t read anything relaxed.
These settings can’t be changed by the user?

I hope flare makes the new forum even more friendly.


I have adjusted the black background. It is now more greyish and not slightly see-through anymore (which is a bit sad for the background images in the RR2 and OR categories, but of course the readibility is more important…Anyways, I think these changes will help most of the feedback already.
I think the contrast is now not so strong and harsh on the eyes.

Additionally, I have also added the function to the top banner to be expended and collapsed as you like.

Regarding your feedback to make it look more blueish (basically completely like Steam) I am sorry, but this will not happen. Steam is a brand and color palettes are part of branding and Flaregames has certain types of orange as their branding.

Thanks for the feedback so far.


Helps a lot… If possible, consider changing this orange/deep brown background colour with matt black or deep gray…

I dont speak for others, but for myself, I prefer dark colours in everything (and I boast in selecting dark colour combinations, so I know how a dark theme would look better) and I do think many people would like the same… In this forum, there is two completely distinct colour combination that do not match…

We could add a function “dark theme”… Enabling it would give dark themes (like that in facebook messenger and twitter) and disabling dark theme would give original FlareGames theme…

If this new feature could not be introduced, then it’s fine, really, as this new change is slightly good (but still needs improvising)… And I do respect your choices and efforts… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Plus: When I give that steam theme, that was just an example… Flaregames need not essentially use blue colour combo… I just gave that image to show how the contrasts are carried out between background, title and main forum content… It’s simple and not rich in colours, but still eye catchy…

If orange/brown is flaregames official colour theme and cannot be compromised with, then I can say nothing against that…